Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

*I am watching the season 5 finale of Lost, so that I can watch tonight's premiere and not feel totally lost...haha!! Get it? LOST! LOL. Anyway, Sawyer is beating the crap out of Jack right now and Juliet is defending Jack...ohhh Juliet...if only you hadn't changed your mind. Sad. Anyway, I am so stupid, I got the season for Christmas but never got a chance to watch it, and watching the season finale only makes me go, CRAP, what happened to Daniel again?! I don't remember! Stupid, stupid! Now I will need to watch the season start to finish...after Season 6 is over, after Lost, *sob*, is over. I can't wait to see Charlie and some of the other dead people again! So exciting yet sad.

* I am so giddy, I bought Zombieland today!! It is so funny! Woody Harrelson rocks in this movie, and Bill Murray's role, is hilarious.

* I am so obsessed with the DS game I got for Christmas. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. I love all the puzzles though some drive me crazy and even with ALL the hints, I can't solve them...thank goodness for cheat pages. I just started playing it like 3 nights ago and have played over 7 hours at least and have solved like 56 puzzles, though I have found like 79. There is like 130-150 puzzles, I can't remember the exact number. I am so ready to buy some more, though I have the only 2 out so far. LOL. It is so addictive.

* They took away the Coke flavored Icee at my Target!! They replaced it with Dr. Pepper, but it is NOT the same, and when I could drink soda, I so loved Dr. pepper. But it doesn't taste like Dr. pepper, it tastes like a WEAK version of my Coke Icee, so I want them to put it BACK!! Why mess with a good thing?! It is the only place that I know of that had Coke Icees. There are no 7/11's around here really, so WHERE do I go to find my Coke Icee people? I have only known this info for 6 hours, but I am now already in withdrawal!

* Okay I changed my mind, Friendly's is not awful, just not great. I loved my Pick Any 3 Munchie Mania! 2 sliders, mozzerella sticks and chicken quesadillas? Mmm. Sure I can only eat half but that left a slider to bring home for Maxie!

* I am having issues with needing to get out of the house. I have now seen 2 movies all by myself late at night. No I still don't like going alone, but when I feel like I am seriously crawling out of my skin, I need out. Saw When In Rome, loved it by the way. Love Kristen and Josh, great actors. So cute and fun! I say go see it! But it is very hard dealing with this feeling of needing to get out, when most of the time, I can't figure out, where to get out TO. It is just a messed up feeling period. I want to be home so I can actually spend time with my Mom, who is working so much lately. But I also feel this compulsion to get out of the house. To have my brain be taken somewhere where I don't have to think. I don't know, I find it confusing myself.

* It is hard to see my sister Katie struggle so much with these externships. She is hating this first one, really REALLY hating it. It is Traumatic Brain Injury, and she is finding it difficult to keep her compassion. Don't get me wrong she has LOADS. But this is a step-down place. Which means they JUST got out of the hospital so they are not wanting help, they are not accepting their injuries and limitations etc. And they are still at that too soon point, where they are taking out their anger on people like Katie. Yes some of them have no impulse control, it is brain injuries, but when you are dealing with these attitudes ALL day long, your moral...like dies. And just when Kate feels she is making strides with someone, they give her someone tougher, because she did SO "well" with the last one. So she is feeling defeated and like maybe those horrid teachers will win and she will quit. She hates it. And another thing about a step-down facility? You are only there for 3 to 6 weeks. As soon as a patient starts to DO better, they leave. So Katie is not seeing the part of the job where she can SEE that her work pays off. This upsets me greatly. And at this particular place, patients are not ALLOWED to say No to treatments. Which my Mom, a RN at a SNF, was surprised at. Usually you try to get them to go to treatment but if they refuse that is their CHOICE. Not at this place. So Katie has had people taking swings at her and she is tiny, so some of these people are like 5 times her size! We tried to help and tell her she knows 2 hings from this externship. She does not want to work with TBI, not this early in their recovery. And she should not work at a step-down facility. They don't seem to care as much at places like that, as they only get patients for 3 to 6 weeks! I think Katie should work at a SNF (basically a geriatric facility) or work at an outpatient place, dealing with teens with tissues, etc. She still has 5 and a half weeks here, then she goes to the other HARD externship (boy those teachers are "bee-yotches"...see not a swear/cuss. Says Bee.), working at a Psychiatric facility. If it is repetitive Kate will be bored, but bored is better than defeated!!

* We booked our plane tickets, we go to Florida mid-May and I can't wait. Seriously I can't, how am I supposed to get through 3 and 1/2 months?!! Agghhh! The Harry Potter World is supposed to be open at Universal Studios by then, my Dad is such a kid, he is jumping up and down like a kid talking about Honeydukes and buying a real broom! LOL! He wants to drink pumpkin juice (eww) and butter beer and everything. He needs this vacation too, as does my Mom. Though not as much as me. I only say this because those two went down together for a week in September. Yeah so while it will be 14 months since my last vacation when we go, it will have only been 8 for them. But yes, we ALL need it. We planned it so we leave the day Katie finishes this school. I am not psyched for May, it will be hot and sticky down there. I prefer March, you get days where pants will do...but I would hate Katie not being there, so we will see how it goes.

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Anonymous said...

I totally get stir crazy.

I didn't even know they made soda flavored icee's?

Sheri said...

I can't wait to go back to Universal to play in the Harry Potter world. So fun! If only Cedric was there... /sigh :P

Toriz said...

Poor Katie! Tell her to hang in there... It'll all be over soon, and she can feel good about having done it all... Even with those teachers seeming to be against her.

I wish I could go to Harry Potter world. I'd love to try pumpkin juice, and butterbeer! I'd be jumping up and down like your Dad too if I was getting to go!

Mary said...

I still haven't seen Zombieland...my hubby raves about it, so I'm going to add it to my queue.

Amander said...

Coke slurpees are my favorite!! I don't even like coke :)

Lee said...

I put Zombieland on my Netflix, but I'm SO MAD. I want to see The Time Traveler's wife, but Warner Bros. has a deal with Netflix now where they have to wait a MONTH before offering movies that have come out on DVD through WB.
So I can't SEE The Time Traveler's wife for an extra month. So I get zombieland, but not the movie I want. UGHH.

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