Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Birthday

Well it is officially February 2nd. I am writing this as my Monday post, but it is officially Groundhog's Day. Which was also my Grandpa's birthday. I believe he would have been 93 today. I can't say for sure, because after my computer was nuked, my Dad has yet to put PAF back on it. Personal Ancestral File for you non-Mormons. It's a program where you can do geneaology, and I have dates and stuff of births, deaths, etc on there. But I believe he was born in 1917. He died when he was only 79, which I find grossly unfair. Barbara Walters is 80 and look at her still going. So I feel he was ripped off. Most of my grandparents were though.

It is strange though. I do so much better today, than I do on the anniversary of his passing. I like to think I would be at a party for him, he would want fried scallops, his fave. Probably a homemade birthday cake. He'd probably want new socks and pocket t-shirts. Shirts in that color yellow above. He had an attachment to that color pocket t-shirts. I own one like it, I use as a night shirt. My Mom bought it for me a few years ago as it was Grandpa's yellow. It has no pocket but that's okay. It still makes me smile when I wear it. He would really love it if we were eating at Lenny + Joe's Fishtale, a really famous CT seafood place. He loved their scallops and onion rings. Thinking things like that is nice.

Andrew was an amazing man. He was the best of grandfathers. There was never a shortage of hugs and kisses. I always knew he loved me, which I think is one of the most important gifts a grandparent can give you. Thank you for loving me Grandpa. Sure, I wish he was still here. But, then he would not be back with my Grandma. Which he needed so badly. He lost part of himself when she died. But he stuck it out for us for almost 9 years...he was great man. I love him and I hope you can all join me in wishing him, even now, a Happy Birthday. I love you so much and miss you always. Happy Birthday Grandpa. The world is a little less bright without your spirit here.

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3 meaningful meanderings:

Toriz said...

That's a good way to think on his birthday. He'd want you to be happy and imagine the happy things. :)

RayeLee said...

Happy Birthday to your grandpa.

My grandpa passed when he was only 73, his birthday is next month. It's always tough. :(

LadyStyx said...

wonderful tribute

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