Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Movie Viewing

Ahhh the movie re-watching continues. I watched Timeline last night, ah that gorgeous Gerard Butler AND Paul Walker. All those lovely accents had me talking (well trying) with a brogue. Tonight we watched Surrogates for the first time. I was really worried it would be twisted like Gamer was, and just have a bunch of nasty gross scenes, but luckily it really didn't. I liked it, and I LOVED how it ended. That left me with that satisfied feeling, a good movie should leave you with.

I SO prefered Bruce Willis as himself. That blond wig was just...wrong. I like Brucey basicall bald now. It suits him. There was one thing that, as insane as it sounds, that irked me. These people would SO have had atrophied muscles if they had really spent years laying in these chairs letting a fake version of themselves live life for them. But they were all fine, oh look at me I am walking just fine! At least they had Bruce all anxiety-filled as he was near other people for the first time in he has no idea how long. That just irked me. I was in the hospital 4 days and they had those freaking feet air pumps waking me up every other second, so how did these people who rarely went offline not have their muscles shrivel up?! LOL. Yeah I notice the SMALL details, what can I say?!

Luckily today I have my ABC soaps, but I might save the 2 CW shows for a different night this week. I borrowed some movies from Sandy that I haven't seen in awhile or EVER. I have yet to see The Notebook, I know, I know! People find that hard to believe. I also haven't seen Cassanova with the late but great Heath Ledger. The other ones I borrowed are Abandon (Katie Holmes), Mod Squad (Claire Danes), Someone Like You (Ashley Judd) and Cursed (Christina Ricci). So I have 6 to choose from tonight. I think I will watch Abandon, I remember that one having a neat twist and I do love a twist. That is why I adore M.Night Shyamalan. Thought The Happening was a HUGE disappointment! I love Sixth Sense and Signs and yes, Unbreakable and The Village. I also love Lady in the Water, I don't care what anyone else says, that movie ws magic. I wish my father had created that kind of a bed time story for me. Lucky little Syamalans!!

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Toriz said...

Glad you are enjoying the movies. Hope you enjoy the ones you haven't seen yet. :)

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