Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Conflict n Glasses

Okay, first matter of business. I HAVE seen a therapist, did it for a long time and it did not help me, it is NOT actually for everyone. I have a psychiatrist who I go to for meds and obviously he has to know how I am doing. Just because I hate conflict, and my family does fight, does NOT mean people should jump to that opinion. I agree with Amander, when you have a family, AND you are close, you will have conflict and you will fight. I am not bashing on the people who are my blog friends and are giving their opinions, but I do NOT want to have to live far away from my family. Yes, I said they can hurt you the worst, but family is family. They are also the ones that can make you feel you can get through life when you are at your bleakest moment. My family family. I will always want them close. They are some of my closest friends. That may not be your family, but that is my family. Yeah we can fight and it can be ugly, but we resolve things and move on and we love each other. We don't want to be the kind of family that only gets along when they stay away from eachother. For us, that is not good enough. Period.

Second, I finally had my eye exam. I liked the guy who did it this time. He was patient and funny. I was so not thrilled however with their selection of glasses. I love the ones I have now, minus the scratches and fact that I can't see clearly with them anymore. So I looked and tried on many, many glasses. Most did not suit my face. I brought Sandy to help me pick out a pair. She knows I like the bottoms to be rimless if at all possible. But most so did not suit me. Rectangles are really in, as are an aviator like look. We finally settled on the best pair there, but I am not at all certain of the choice. And I kind of wish I knew what Sears return policy was on glasses. When I got these last glasses I was in love, by the time we left, I swear, I didn't know if THEY looked good on me anymore. Agghh!

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Toriz said...

My family is like that. We fight... A lot... But we resolve it, we get over it, and we move on. You can't just run away from people - especially your family - because of a conflict/fight. That's how I feel anyway. And I like my family close too... Hence not minding living back with my parents, even though I'm married.

Sarah said...

I must admit that I think I am a bit biased because I have a Psych degree and really believe in the power of it. I didn't mean because your family fights and you hate conflict you should go to therapy. I have been reading your blog for months and you are very open about other emotional issues you have and are aware of (which is a GOOD thing). And I hate to keep on it but sometimes it takes the right person in therapy to get anywhere. There is not a person in this world that would be HURT by therapy.
Sorry, I felt like I had to explain further...hope things get better soon.

Lee said...

Just so you know, you can take your prescription from your doctor and go somewhere else for the glasses.
Incase you didn't know. :)

That's what I usually do. I just lucked out this time with cute glasses.

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