Sunday, February 14, 2010

All That HYPE

All that HYPE for Wolfman had me so excited to see it. But I gotta tell you, I was not impressed. It was very bloody, okay, I am used to that, hello horror lover. And Benicio actually SOUNDED normal. He was sporting an American accent, but he sounded normal, he usually has this breathy, wispy, thing going on, so brava to your voice Benicio. And there ARE good parts in the movie. Man, the scene where he turns inside the sanitarium...I wanted more people DEAD. They deserved it, sitting there in judgement of him, all smirky and haughty, thinking they were so much better than him. I AM blood thirsty I tell you, I wanted the majority of them DEAD.

*Major spoilers ahead*

And I was a little confused. The gypsy said love could save him. I swear she DID! Was that a lie? Or was Emily Blunt being the one to kill him supposed to be love savng him? My Mom, Katie and I thought it would have been SO much better, if the ending had been different. We thought if Emily shot him, loving him even as the beast, then that could separate the man from the beast and the man could live and the beast would die. SO much better than what really happens. And okay Tony Hopkins was EVIL. My Mom was like that was obvious from the trailers, but not to me. And not to the extent he is. Murdering his first son on purpose and for the reasons he does so. Turning his other son and then letting him loose on the first full moon, so the murders will ALL be blamed on his son and not HIM. And then stickinh him back in an asylum where torture was their way of helping people!! And Emily Blunt, I thought her part was supposed to be so much MORE than what it was. She kept leaving and then returning. And for someone who just had her fiance mauled to death, she wasn't that sad looking. I'm just saying.

*Spoilers Ending*

I would also have been happy if the whole theory that if you kill the one who "made" you, then the curse would leave you, had been true. It wasn't though. So I was like, okay there were moments parts of the movie that were good. But I was left dissatisfied. And I looked up the original movie, not really alike at ALL, so why not give it a better ending??

Don't you all agree this movie was REALLY built up, making it seem like it was going to be AMAZING?! And I was was like, what a fizzle. Blah. May not even rent it from Redbox...that is $1.06 people!!

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