Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Answer is Yes

What was the question you ask? Can things get any worse, that was the question and they did last night, just as I was posting my blog. I got this window popping up called "Your PC Protector", and it was telling me that I had a total of 6 trojan horses and worms on my PC. Except when you click "Fix These Problems" all it does is bring you to a site to BUY their programs, so I was like SPAM crap, kept on trying to close the stupid thing. It did NOT want to be closed.

Plus, I have Norton, Ad Aware and Malware on my computer, so I felt that if i DID have some problems I would use them. So I was online and tried to open Norton. Tried, again and again. The net, I use Mozilla Firefox, shut down. When I tried to reopen it, signs would pop up from this same Your PC Protector telling me there was malicious content so I couldn't open it. Norton refused to open, and I started to worry by this point. I tried to open Malware but it refused to open either, and I was like, if I have viruses THIS is the crap that is supposed to protect ME!! So as balloons pop up every other second and windows pop up on Internet Explorer, which I managed to open, I felt like I was in serious trouble. So I went to my email to attach photos. What is was the first thing I thought of, I have never used a website you can upload crap to. By all means tell me one that is good I can use for future knowledge, PLEASE! Because there was NO way was I going to plug my external harddrive into my laptop if it was riddled with viruses, but I had the Zoey pics and wallpapers that took me forever to find after nuking the laptop like 3 weeks ago, so I got most of the pics of Zoey in email attachments, and knowing the wallpapers wouldn't fit in an email, I eventually uploaded them to Flickr, figuring I can dowload them from there...I can right? Right????!!

Anyway, at one point, Sam got Ad Aware running but suddenly my entire laptop turned off. So I returned it on to finish the picture thing. It took me several tries to get Explorer to open again, which balloons warning me from this thing wanting to CHARGE me, that my data was being corrupted, etc. I finished online in the nick of time...though I might have lost major music in itunes, non of that would open up. No Firefox, Norton, Malware, Itunes, etc. So there was no backing up that stuff. I tried to go to Add/Remove Programs, in case this was this program screwing my laptop up, but that wouldn't open either. Ad Aware finished this time and removed 24 objects, I have no idea if any were trojans or worms, and asked me to restart my computer, so I turned it off. When I turned it on, it went to a blue screen, saying it would NOT allow Windows to be opened. But if this was the first time I saw this message to restart, so I did. Got a black screen first, clicked on Open Windows Normally, only that leads every time to the blue screen!!

So my computer wouldn't even turn ON. My Dad spent the day with it, nuked it more than once, tried to put programs back on, only to have to nuke it again. It is my hard drive he has decided, it has gone bad!! So we had to order a new one and who knows how long before it comes in and my Dad can replace it and then re-add everything to my laptop so things run properly!! I am so stressed out. I am using the family computer, a huge desktop in the cold just to write this. I am SO stressed out. A lot of you know, I use my blog to get my stress out, or at least partly out, and I don't have that for who knows how long!

So I don't know when I will get a chance to blog, I have one pre-written for tomorrow at least, or when I will be able to comment on your blogs. We are in the middle of a snow storm so it is freezing and is not warm in this room, and this keyboard feels huge so I have to keep on going back and correcting my grammar or spelling so I HATE THIS.

PLEASE, keep commenting on what I CAN get out and do not stop following me because I can't really comment on your blogs! Trust me, I am NOT okay. This was so not what I needed. It feels like the straw that broke this camels' back. Maybe my sister will lend me her laptop in the next day or two so i can check on your blogs if not comment on them. :(

Trust me, I am pissed and really upset. So many things going bad right now for me, couldn't the powers that be, just let me have my computer?! Apparently no. I am so stressed, it is becoming like a migraine. So PLEASE do not go anywhere, I am trying as hard as i can, and my Dad already ordered the hard drive, so please bear with me!! Email me any huge important updates, certain people will know if i would want to know something. Like MamaFace, let me know any Lil Dub Updates, or Lee let me know how youand your mom are doing, etc.

Agghhh!! I feel like I am heading towards a huge meltdown but there is nothing I can do to stop it!! ENOUGH already!

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Toriz said...


Hope you get the new hard drive soon, and that your computer works properly after that!

Don't worry, I wont go anywhere. I'll be right here when you get back... Or, if I'm not, then I'll be back to check posts as soon as I get back online. After all, I do often disappear for a day or two just because I don't get to the blogs due to other things happening, or due to not being well. Anyway, I wont desert your blog, so don't worry! :)

Lee said...

Use AVG and that's IT.

If you put 5 programs for computer safety, it doesn't matter.
I use AVG and have NEVER gotten ANY viruses.

And it's free.

Sheri said...

Oh mannn that is awful. I had a similar weird episode with something a few months ago, but I used Malware Bytes to get rid of it... it worked, I think. I use that now and AVG as Lee said, it is free and rocks. Norton Antivirus is AWFUL! I do not suggest ever using it.

mama-face said...

OH, WENDY!! I was feeling your pain as I read about losing your precious photos...this happened to us on our supposedly infallible Mac. (Apparently they restore stuff...but finding the files is a pain in the butt. There are still photos in there somewhere that I've never found again.)

And then I read your shout out to me and lil dub and I almost cried!! lil dub is good, he is liking his new teacher. Did you know I had him moved from his old class?

I'm thinking about you! I've been wondering about the snow storms and how they've been affecting you.


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