Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Day

My family went out to Olive Garden today. My stomach was quite pleased to have the chicken and gnochhi it has been craving since we were supposed to go the weekend after New Years. But my Mom got the bronchitis she still has not kicked, so you know. The bloody cough won't leave her, which worries me. She has had relapses with bronchitis plenty of times, and her work is being a she cannot get a relapse. The work would just be even more insurmountable than it is now. She has had to stay late almost every day for 2 weeks.

Anyway, it was supposed to be an ideal day, but Dad brought up something my Mom had apparently JUST asked him not to bring up, and so my Mom was upset and teary, so lunch did not start out great. I know slipping and saying something you are not supposed to say can happen to anyone, but I wanted to slap my father upside the head. This was NOT the time to let something slip. They were already arguing earlier today about the subject so that he talked about it really got her upset. So it took about 30 minutes and my Dad apologizing and getting it had meant a great deal to her for him NOT to say anything, and allowing my Mom to just be teary for awhile, before things finally felt normal. I had the girls move seats so they sandwiched my Mom, for support and hugs. The subject matter was not to be mentioned so it wouldn't worry us girls also, but I am afraid while my sisters seemed okay, it was stuck in my brain, and I was worrying about it all through the meal. And when I rode back with my parents to our house (the girls were in a separate car), my Mom wanted me to talk to her, because apparently she can read my face, and when she told my Dad, since he was mad we were whispering, he made light of it all, which really upset me, and then he ended up apologizing to me. He can be a funny guy, but he doesn't always get that it is not always best to try and be funny. Because I was worrying, and I am trying not to now, but I admit I am still worried. Yeah sorry, not telling you exactly what it is.

When we got home we watched Zombieland. Katie cancelled her gig, good because the car she uses is broken, and she had never seen the movie. She hates scary movies so she was all, you swear it isn't really scary?! And we were like, Katie, it is hilarious!! And she likes Shaun of the Dead. She did like it, but won't say she loved it, because it had things popping out at you and she HATES that. She does it in ANY movie. It can be a kids movie, but if something pops out, she JUMPS. It is funny to see actually. LOL. Katie and I sandwiched Mom and we sat together for the whole movie. Brought home 2 Olive Garden desserts too. Mmm. That is for the Black Tie Mousse Cake. I find their cheesecake, yucky! (I am still waiting for my Cheesecake Factory strawberry cheesecake. The girls promised to get it for me when mine was left destroyed in the car the night of the accident...yeah I am still waiting for it, so much for promises. That i mu anniversary cheesecake too.)

I took a shower and am wearing a clean pair of my NEW PJ's, they feel so nice, I love 'em. Just a tad crazy pattern, I like sometimes to have crazy or wild ones. Break up any feelings of monotony. I have PJ's from stripes, to duckies, to Tinkerbell, to Hibiscus, to stars and moons, etc. See, never gets old. So even solid PJ's can be appreciated, after wearing a few of the above.

As I was saying goodnights to my Mom, we got in a fight. Or difference of is hard to explain actually. But I was very frustrated and felt alone, and the one person who usually gets me and stuff IS my Mom. So things were not okay for a little while. Yeah, she was having a great day, don't think I didn't mention that I had NOT wanted to be someone who upset her today. Because she also had conflict with the girls, so it was like, agggh! NO. We talked it out and stuff, Maxie helped out as only he can by licking my face until my Mom pulled him off me. He can sense when someone is crying or trying not to, strange how animals can do that. So he tries to help by licking your face off. Mom had to pull him off me like 3 times. She decided she wanted to stay up later and watch a show. We had taped The Mentalist, so I got Sam, our other Mentalist junkie and we watched the show all together. Sandy stole the glass of milk my Mom had...hello she is still hacking and the one Andes she ate from the restaurant has her hacking every 2 minutes. So caffeine-free Pepsi and cookies. Yum. LOL. We really enjoyed watching the show and had a good time together and then my Mom went to sleep. I have a feeling she started snoring as soon as her head hit the pillow. Good.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you have something going on that is worrying you. I hope things smooth out soon.

Lee said...

I'm sorry that you had a bad day. ): I hope things are okay.

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