Friday, February 26, 2010

Diner Disaster and Randomness

I used to love the Weaver chicken croquettes they sold in the freezer section. They were one of my favorite foods until they stopped making them. This happen a lot, they always stop making products I fall in love with. (Chicken Tonight, Weaver chicken roll, Colonial mild hot dogs, etc, etc.) Anyway, so when we decided to try out Anna's Diner, which was previously Milldale Diner, but is now under new ownership and management, and I saw it on the menu I was like, oooohhh. I asked the very bubbly waitress and she said she hadn't tried those yet but that they looked really good. So I ordered them. Wow. I will not make that mistake again. The weaver ones were some chickeny-stuffing mixture, very finely ground up. This was like some nasty stuffing that just had a weird texture and taste. I had my Mom take a bite to see if it was just me, but the face she made after a tiny bite...yeah not good. So I was really disappointed. As I had eaten barely any of it, I expected the waitress to offer to take it off the bill, but all she did was ask if I wanted to take it home, even after I told her I really didn't like it. None of us could be bothered to pick a fight though, so my Dad was like sure, he does give anything a shot. And I mean anything. Yuck.

So I ordered a grilled cheese and luckily it came with a pickle. At home I never eat grilled cheese with a pickle on the side, but for some insane reason, if I am out, it must come with a pickle. And not sweet pickles, I find those gross. So the sammy was good at least, and with a pickle. I got a slice of carrot cake to go and Mom got a slice of blueberry pie. Even if we give this place another shot, we will not be taking any bakery items to go. Mom said the pie was some of the worst blueberry pie she has ever had. And I ate 2 bites of the carrot cake before giving the rest to my sisters. They thought it was fine, but I worked at my friend Weezie's restaurant for almost 6 months. They made homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and I never liked carrot cake before, but it was SO good, I fell in love with it. So I KNOW, that carrot cake should taste like for the most part, and what the texture should be like. This cake was just...wrong.

My Dad stuck with a burger and liked it and his split pea soup, but one thing, he is the only one who will eat split pea, so no one ca say if he is delusional or not. And also it was a burger! It is not impossible, but it is hard to mess up a simple cheese burger. And fries. And Mom and Sam had breakfast, their only complaint was the potato home fries were full of onions, like unavoidably full. So that is why it will most likely be given another chance. *shudders* But I will not be making any brave choices from now on. I will stick with staples of diners. Grilled cheese or chicken fingers or breakfast...though I might claim to be allergic to onions so they HAVE to take them out, because onions gross me out unless they are in a ring and fried. And even then, I only like certain people's onion rings. Which are only one or two places actually. So see, really not an onion fan.

My Mom's birthday is Saturday and I got her presents. The major one, which I will just say is a movie, has not arrived yet. And I am pissed. I did expedited shipping, but Amazon can't track it for me because I bought it from a warehouse seller on the NEW page. But still I had to shell out 6 bucks for the expedited, so I figured, it being a DVD, it would be here no later than Wednesday. Now it is officially Friday and I have no idea if I will get it in time, which really makes me mad! It was $2.98 if I didn't care when it arrived! So far the only thing she knows she wants is she wants a jello poke cake for her birthday cake. With strawberry or raspberry jello. We didn't even get a birthday list until 5 days ago. She was really bad this year, and IS the hardest to shop for. Especially since Christmas was 2 months ago and she basically doesn't "need" anything. Ughh! Sam says she got a list and it is taken care of, but I want to know so I can make sure she is being properly spoiled! I know Sam knows what she wants to get her, but I have no clue if Katie has even thought of it. And she is driving up to Rhode Island for a dance gig tonight, and then going out on a date. He is 46 by the way. I find this a little skeevy, because Kate is only 29. To me that is a huge difference. He better behave. Ugh, it is hard being the big sister!

Well, I have a lot of horror movies to watch tonight. The freebies I get when I rent new releases from Blockbuster. Flight of the Living Dead, Boogeyman 3, Dead Silence and Urban Legends: Bloody Mary. I shall go now to watch at least 2 tonight. Hopefully at least one will be decent! LOL!

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Toriz said...

Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with the diner.

Hope your Mom's birthday present arrives on time.

As long as he behaves, there's no reason why the age difference should be an issue. I'm 25, hubby will be 39 in May, that's not much less than the age difference between Katie and that guy. As long as he behaves, and as long as she is happy with him, what does it matter? I mean, it would be the same thing if he was the same age as her, wouldn't it? Just because he's an older guy doesn't mean he's going to treat her wrongly and "misbehave" or whatever. A guy who is younger than her is just as likely to misbehave as one who is a lot older.

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