Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MOVIES!!! So Good!!

Okay I admit I said I would be all back to normal by tonight, but I was wrong. But for different reasons. I can't read blogs tonight because I pinky-sweared (what? gotta problem with pink swears?!) I would be off in 30 minutes. I am going to an early showing of Shutter Island tomorrow with Sister H, and my Mom is going to leave work early to join us!! I love it, two of my favorite people all to myself, AND a movie! LOL! So I only have enough time to write a post...about MOVIES! :p

I saw two awesome movies in the last few days!

I saw Valentines Day, which was awesome! I don't listen to critics, who I was SHOCKED to learn gave it an F in Entertainment Weekly, because I LOVED this movie! I left is SUCH a good mood, I was almost giddy! I got in the car, turned up Party in the USA and sang along! It is so funny and romantic and just SWEET! Not too sugary sweet, the perfect sweetness. I was worried that such a large diverse cast, you would get lost in who is who and what their story is, etc. But I didn't feel that way at all, this ensemble really worked. I was invested in all the character's and who they ended up with. I admit the "Taylor's" were a tad annoying, but that was their characters, kinda annoying. Like sugary sweetness you wanna bash in the face. LOL. But the movie just had a great rhythm to it, and you never lost interest in what was going to happen next. Because even if one character's life seemed settled, it might not be I warn you, then there were the friends of that character, who were still screwed up. Jessica Biel's meltdowns were highly entertaining and I could "feel" her you know? Hilarious. You end up caring so much about so many of these characters in such a short amount of time, and you DO feel you know their characters regardless of the fact that we are talking about over 20 characters!! For me, this movie just made me happy. I felt good leaving the theater and I think that is a most excellent way to feel upon finishing a flick.

The other movie I saw was Percy Jackson & the Olympian: The Lightning Thief, which I adored!! Okay it is true, I am a Greek/Roman mythology lover, so the fact that this all centers around the Gods and satyrs and minotaurs, etc., makes me very happy even before the story begins. Yes I did watch the Hercules show and the Xena show. I adore the mythology. My mom was amused when I corrected something in the movie they either didn't correct or didn't correct immediately. When Persephone was complaining about being stuck in Hell with her husband Hades, I was like "uhm NO. She is only there 1/3 of the year, then she gets to go to Earth and be with her mom Demeter!!", my Mom started laughing. What can I say? Get it right! LOL. Persephone's Pearls my butt!!

Anyway, I loved the movie itself. I was engaged the entire time. I thought Logan Lerman owned his role of Percy Jackson. And his best friend/protector Grover, Brandon T. Jackson, is HILARIOUS!! He has all the best lines! Just wait for his line to the Ferryman when he, Percy and Annabeth are trying to get a ride to see Hades. Best line in the movie! LOL! This movie BETTER make the sequels because there are at least 4 or 5 more books, so I am hoping, because I loved it. It had action, comedy, adventure, romance, etc. And a stellar cast, from Sean Bean as Zeus to Joe Pantiliano as yucky Gabe Ugliano, to Steve Koogan as Hades with a Metallica twist! You are just surrounded in fantasy and mythology. With bigger than life things like Medusa and Hydra's drawing you into their world. And you want to take the journey and see what will be around the next corner. And of course solve the mystery of who actually STOLE Zeus's lightning bolt. Because Percy is the accused thief, and we know it isn't him, he has no idea the Gods are even real until he is confronted, let alone that he himself is a demi-god! So he is given 10 days I believe, to bring the bolt back to Zeus or all the Gods will go to war and of course, Earth will be in trouble with the Gods at war with each other. Because let's face it, if you ever read any of the mythology, the Gods LOVE to fight with each other. So I have no idea what the critics said about this movie, but I adored it!

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Toriz said...

Thanks for the movie reviews. They sound good... Especially Percy Jackson And The Olympian: The Lightening Thief!

Amander said...

You'll have to tell me how you like Shutter Island!

thesexyrays said...

Oooooh let me know what you think of Shutter Island. My husband really wants to see that.

Sheri said...

Ohhh I really want to see both of those and Shutter Island too. Glad you liked them :)

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