Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thanks Sam and Snow

Yay, Sam let me use her laptop. I have less than an hour, but that is better than nothing! AND better than that fossil in the dining room, which is COLD.

We got cheated in our winter storm. Most people are all happy and relieved, but I was SO looking forward to the "guaranteed" 12-16 inches!! I love snow, sure not shoveling it, but we have a snowblower! Sure, I don't snow-blow, but I am afraid it will kill me. Seriously the blades terrify me. But when I was growing up we had only metal shovels and we all had to go out and shovel our very long driveway, so trust me, I DO kn0w the pain of shoveling. But even then, I didn't care. Snow has always just been so magical to me. When there would be a snow day, sure we had to layer all the snowsuits, etc on and shovel first, with noses getting runny, etc. Then we would either go in to warm up for a bit or go immediately to PLAYING in the snow. We made forts, had snowball fights, just everything you can imagine. We ate snow and would play until it didn't feel cold anymore, but would have to go in when Mom yelled to get in. We would be so sad that the fun was over.

Then we would slowly and painfully, as feeling was returning to our bodies, take all the snow suits and mittens and hats off. We would find that half our normal clothing, was soaked like a foot in every direction. Our sweater arms were soaked, our socks and halfway up our jeans, soaked. You just didn't notice how much until now. Now that you could FEEL the freezing wetness. By this time we were shivering and frozen. We would either get into dry clothes or have to get into the bath. Which was painful to get into. Skin that is red from being frozen stepping into hot water was like painful at first. Sure, then it would overwarm you, for some odd reason. But it always ended in hot cocoa with the mini marshmallows, and sometimes Campbell's chicken noodle soup. All this made your nose run of course. But it didn't matter. The feeling after you were warm again, or were warming up in just dry clothes, was great. Exhaustion from working in the snow and then playing in it, made your muscles all jiggly and wobbly. You were content to just sit around together laughing about the good time you had. I love those memories. And even if I don't play in the often, yes I admit it, I still go play once in a while with Katie and Sandy, snow is fun always. So even when we don't play in it, I just find it completely magical. The sight of the flurries, the smell. If you have never smelled the air when it is going to snow, it is something you MUST smell sometime in your life. And New England would be the best place to go to smell it. It is a scent that is indescibable. It is snow, and growing up with snow all the time, you learn to recognize it in th air. Magic.

What is winter like for my blog friends? I have friends in Vegas, Florida, etc where you don't really get snow right? So what does winter mean to you? And what is winter for my Utah and England friends? Any special memories?

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Toriz said...

I know the smell in the air you mean, and I agree... It's a wonderful smell. And snow is so magical. I still play in it too. I throw snowballs to anyone who will play out there with me (mostly Mam's black Lab, Willow). I build snowmen, snowcastles, and snowdogs. I try to be the first person to walk on freshly fallen snow.... Don't you just love the crunchy sound snow makes the first time you step on it? It's such a great sound! Every season is wonderful in its own way, but Winter... Winter is just so magical! The snow... The cosy times sat by the fire with blankets, cocoa, and family members... And then there's nature itself... Some people don't think Winter is anything special, because in Winter there isn't much to look at or do. But that's not true. There are still animals around, still plants growing, and still things to do. Sure you usually need several more layers to do them in, but who cares? Half the fun is curling up with a blanket and some nice, hot cocoa to warm back up after being out in the cold.

We don't get heavy snow falls here often, and many people say that's why I look forward to them so much. I don't know though. I mean, there's just something magical about curling up with a mug of hot cocoa and a blanket after becoming soaking wet and freezing cold from playing in the snow!

Sheri said...

It is supposed to snow here in Alabama today, I really hope it does so I don't have to go into work lol ::evil laugh:: :)

mama-face said...

From one of your Utah friends:

We SHOULD be getting all the snow the east coast is; seems a bit backwards this year. Usually there is snow on the ground pretty much all winter.

I have the same memories from playing in the snow. And now I have memories of sending my little ones out to play, all bundled up. (I never had such fancy snow gear though.)

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