Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Topics...I am sucking at Titles I KNOW

Okay a few un-movie related Did I tell you I have to bring my brand new glasses back? My Dad said not to drive home wearing them, not the best way to get used to them. And honestly I didn't notice in the store because it is hard to remember what glasses feel like when you get a stronger prescription. So I get home and I put them on to show my Mom and get used to them, and I noticed how blurry it seemed. Mom and Sam were concerned, but also know maybe it was the way until you get used to them. But as I sat in front of the blurry TV, I started trying to remember. And I began to think, when you get new glasses things feel overly clear, so much that your eyes are like teary because your eyes aren't used to the stronger feeling. I swear I think that it how it is supposed to be, NOT blurry. And then I looked down at the vcr, I noticed I saw the time blurry...and twice. One time above the other. I had freaking double vision too!! So I have to go back on Friday to have them check the prescription and see if the lenses are not aligned properly. If they are fine, I then have to make a NEW appointment and have my eyes test AGAIN. OY VEY!

I can't even remember WHAT I have mentioned so if this is a repeat, sorry! Sunday is baby Zoey's baby blessing, so we are going to Weezie and Zak's ward. My Dad was asked to be part of the blessing circle which made me like AWWWW! I love it! Hopefully I will get to hold the Zoester and baby Gretchy, Zoey's cousin, too!! Gretchy is such a happy, jolly baby. She lifts my mood, it is incredible! She just smiles and giggles so much and that just lifts my heart so much! Love that little girl!

Went bad OCD last night. I took a project on that I thought would be fun and make my love of organizing happy. But by the time I was done with #'s and the letter A, it was not fun anymore, and I just wanted it to be finished so I worked on it from around 11pm to after 7am. Yeah I was miserable. I don't understand why my OCD is being so bad right now, or what is causing it. No idea if is related to my current BAD depression or my Bipolar. It is just yuck. Simple word for how it is feeling. Yucky.

Okay now, I know what you will be thinking. Wendy is going to talk about movies AGAIN?! But seriously folks, if you live in the Northeast you know we have been on Winter Storm Warning all week, until Friday. So we are getting snow, then rain, then ice, etc. So there isn't all that much to talk about. Or do. And you know I am movie obsessed and so, you shouldn't be all that surprised.

I watched 2 movies last night that I had never seen before. The Box and Everybody's Fine. I watched The Box first. Stars Cameron Diaz and James Marsden. Wow. was definitely...interesting. But that is all I can say that is positive about it. It leaves you totally confused. It raised so many questions and then never answered them, which is really a stupid thing to do. Why make people need to know what is going on, but never tell them. It isn't a cool concept, it leaves you kind of pissed that you wasted 2 hours, thinking you would get answers and you just don't. And the ending is miserable! And seriously, if the husband didn't press it, why is he the one who is really punished. Because Cameron isn't gonna be punished...well you know what I mean if you saw it. It is James that will pay until he is dead. They could have done so much with it too, you have all these interesting concepts, but they don't follow through. There IS no follow through! So this is not a movie I would recommend even seeing one time.

Everybody is Fine stars Robert Dinero, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsdale and Sam Rockwell. Dinero is their Dad and he is expecting all 4 of his kids home for a visit. They each leave messages cancelling, one sister cancels for another brother. So Dinero decides to go visit them all, even though he is sick, some condition and his doctor tells him not to. But he goes anyway, and you see him pack 4 letters, one for each of his kids. So he goes to see David first, the one he is hardest on, but he never shows up so he leaves David's letter under his door and moves on to one of his daughters. You hear conversations between 3 of the siblings regarding their other sibling David. How they can't tell Dad anything until they know more, etc. So they are keeping secrets from their Dad. Apparently it was always their Mom they told stuff to and she only told the Dad what he wanted to hear, so now that she is gone, they tell him "everyone is fine". But man, okay they are searching for David and what trouble he has gotten into, but they all treat the Dad like crap and lie to him and tell them they have to go out of town so he can't stay. I know it is because they are trying to find David, because as you go further in, they think David is in jail in Mexico and then maybe it is because he got caught with drugs, but to make the Dad feel so unwelcome, and the Dad overhears some of these lies so he knows his kids are lying to him. Finally after visiting and getting the same treatment from all his other kids, the Dad flies home and on the plane has a heart attack. While he is either in his heart attack or while he is sleeping he has a dream and he confronts his children as their child selves and reveals secrets they were keeping them that I didn't even realize. And then he learns what they have to tell him about David. I found this movie pretty much depressing, but also kind of well done at the same time. The VERY end, like the last 4 minutes I liked, so it was an okay movie to see maybe one time, but it WAS sad. Not something I would say go and BUY, because I can't see watching it over and over like a great action or comedy or romance. But a rental isn't out of the question.

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2 meaningful meanderings:

CaJoh said...

I don't mind it when you talk about movies.

Are you saying that you have difficulty finding titles for your posts? Perhaps you should just be purposefully non-creative and call it "Untitled Post #whatever". Or say something really unrelated to what you are posting about.

Hoping the Winter Storm passes you by and you can get out and enjoy the weather again,

Toriz said...

Excuse my ignorence, but... Blessing circle? What's that all about? I'm assuming something involving the blessing of a new baby in front of family and friends and such, but I've not actually heard of a "blessing circle" before, so I'm curious.

Anyway, hope all goes well on Sunday, and that the Winter storms pass.

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