Sunday, February 21, 2010

I am BACK!

The hard drive finally arrived on Wednesday and my wonderful Dad has been working on it for me, adding the programs to make it work. He finished uploading my latest back up to my external hard drive last night. So then, though, it was MY turn. I had like 16 programs I needed to find online and add. From Itunes to Limewire to Picasa to all sorts of stuff. And then you have to go INTO those programs to see if things have been screwed up. Like Itunes was. Luckily I thought it might be so I didn't plug my Ipod in, until later. It was missing some music and had the Glee music totally screwed up, plus it had multiples of songs all over the place.

So I didn't mean to, but I would up going major Obsessive Compulsive and worked on restoring my laptop from around midnight until 8:15am the next morning. I hadn't eaten, or even peed in all this time, I was in a zone. Foolish, foolish Wendy. Sure I like that things are basically done but it was not good for me. I spent hours trying to fix my mistake in using Flickr. I saved all these great desktop wallpapers to Flickr and did NOT know it would save them as small images!! Where would people suggest I go to save pictures in their original sizes, for FREE??! Please help if you know. I spent hours looking for these wallpapers and found a lot of them, but ones that just had numbers for names like, 800124067834-7485-o3....yeah I never found ones like that. But did I try...for a long time? YES. Ugh, stupid!

So I didn't post Thursday because it was a BAD day, so bad I couldn't get rid of the hard feeling in my chest and had to distract myself in some way so I went out in the middle of the night to Walgreens which is open 24/7 and just shopped around. And now you know why I didn't post last night. And tonight's post is basically a post to explain what has been going on and why I haven't posted or read anything in a few days.

I just need to make sure everything is back to normal in all the programs and stuff. Back things up again so I don't lose anything, which if you guys have external hard drives, you know it can take a long time and can make it take a longer time to get the internet to work properly. So that is what I am going to be up to after I post this. So bear with me guys, things are finally looking up and hopefully by Monday, I will be up and running as if my hard drive had never failed! So talk to you soon!

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3 meaningful meanderings:

mama-face said...

Yay for your computer.

But I'm confused. I got an external hard drive after our other computer crashed...just so things would not be lost. So, what good is the external hard drive then?

You better get some sleep. :)

Lee said...

Use tinypic to save pictures.

It's free, and you can make the account, and it's always the same size.

Toriz said...

Glad you have your new harddrive. Good luck getting stuff sorted out on it again.

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