Saturday, August 15, 2009

Necklace Talk

*Pic I took, that is a piece of rice with my name!Click the pic!

Wow. I got more comments when I talked about the decimated crops than on my last post, just talking about my Dad's surgery and how I have been doing. That is SO sad! Okay you like crops and not Wendy talk. Gotcha. :p That is what I say to you all, you fiends! I will still ramble on about what I want, I don't like plant life that much!

I still have this nasty bug, which I compare now to a tick, it is sucking me dry and staying with me. I have been hacking and such all day. I can't wait for it to leave me and grace someone else with it's presence!

For my fellow Twilight lovers, I am an Entertainment Weekly subscriber and look at whose on the cover!

Plus it is one of my favorite issues, the Fall movies Issue! Wahoo! I love me some great movies. Have you guys seen the trailer for Lovely Bones? Looks awesome! And of course NEW MOON!! And as a horror genre fan, Sorority Row looks cool!

And I finally got a pic of the necklace Sam got me for my birthday, make sure you click on it to make the picture bigger. If you don't remember it is handmade by a company called Butterfly Artworks. NO butterflies are harmed! They come from tropical butterfly farms inside the rain forest and are gathered ONLY after they die naturally. "This is a rain forest 'sustainable use' activity that helps preserve wild butterfly populations, provides needed income for the farmers; and helps save rain forests by giving them economic viabilty without being cut down. For 30 years we have created a variety of jewelery and other art works using butterflies and insects. They can be found in personal collections across the country, including those of many celebrities. - Rob & Ravi Natalini" Isn't it beautiful? And I love that a butterfly wasn't killed to make it. And it helps the rain forest! Wahoo!

P.S. Sorry for the short post and lack of comments, just not feeling well.Sorry!

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7 meaningful meanderings:

LadyStyx said...

That's a beautiful necklace!

Kristina P. said...

I really, really love that necklace.

TeeTee said...

The necklace is so pretty!

Yaya said...

Hope you're feeling better! The butterfly necklace is amazing!

Jessica♥ said...

I love those rice necklaces!!
& The Lovely Bones is becoming a movie??!!
I'm getting so giddy!
& New Moon yey!
I love your short posts. =]

Tori_z said...

A friend I had in school had one of those rice necklaces.

Sheri said...

Ohh pretty necklace. I love any issue of EW involving Twilight... I save them lol

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