Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hannah? Meet Joe.

I want to thank all of you who read my poem, it means a lot to me. Today was good in the sense that I was kept distracted. I did errands, bought Hannah Montana the movie (don't you judge me!), rented Surveillance. HAD to venture into the scary abyss that is currently MY Walmart...35 days until our "new" Walmart is here. It was scary all over again, things were moved AGAIN!! I couldn't find the candy section for like 15 minutes! And near where the dog food is currently placed, is a section blocked off because there is a 50 foot long hole in the floors with dirt everywhere. And about 1/4 of the store is now hidden behind temporary sheetrock, so I am hating that, I want to know, what is behind there, what is going there?!! I am a Need to Know person. Whatever it is, I NEED to know! And I KNOW it is just an anomaly, because this never happens to me. I saw my old Mr. Salty handi snacks. They stopped making them the old way and changed the cheese to fiesta nacho, so I haven't had one since that started, more than a year ago. But as I wheeled through the cracker section, I saw 5 boxes of my dear old friends! I ate these every day, they were the one reliable food I ate that never made me there they were. So I KNOW it is just an anomaly, a mistake, but I bought these 5 boxes, I had to have them...okay I am going to stop hugging the box now...okay now.

After my errands I met up with my parents and Sandy at Burger King. I was happy to see my Mom. Guess what though? She was finally feeling better from the kidney stones and bronchitis, when she got the bronchitis BACK. She had to cancel work again and isn't going tommorrow either, she is too sick. The doctor gave her some special shots to help her breath because she really is having a hard time breathing. But she was going stir crazy, so we went to see G.I. Joe.

Okay I loved it. You must be a fan of action to love it, because it is chock FULL of fighting, bullets, explosions and all that good action stuff! It was nowhere near as good as Transformers, the other Hasbro toy turned into a movie, but it is a great movie nonetheless. Channing Tatum is great, he CAN do other things besides being eye candy or dancing! And I had no idea that Marlon Wayans was in the movie, but he is cute and hilarious as Ripchord! Okay I was never a G.I. Joe toy/cartoon fan, so I must have picked it up through osmosis from my male sibling, because I knew that there was a Scarlett and a Baroness!! What the crap?! How do I know that? I surprised myself. Osmosis I tell you...unless we took the girl dolls from the sibling, which is a possibility. The women kicked some serious...butt, so I was like yeah!! Girl power! Even though you are enemies...or are you? Mwahaha.

Anyway, Duke and Ripchord end up joining Project GI Joe, after saving some scary new military weapons, from the bad guys, which includes the Baronness, who is Duke's ex-fiance. Duke uses the fact that he knows her as Anna to get him and Rip into the project, at least for now. Project Joe has the best of the best from all countries on it's team. So you have Snake Eyes and Heavy Duty, etc, all on this elite team lead by Hawk (Dennis Quaid). But the baddies aka Cobra's, which includes Baronness, The Doctor and Storm Shadow among others, want it back at all costs so they invade Joes secret lair, and get their hands on these evil weapons. Which disintegrate everything it touches until you abort it. So say you want to take out Russia? This makes it doable. And once it starts, if you don't have the abort pack, it will not stop until it destroys everything. And the man who developed this weapon and sold it to the US government? Do not trust him, his idea of what is just is as crazy as The Doctor. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, truly a freak of nature as The Doctor.

So you are going back and forth, the Joes steal it from the Cobra's, they steal it back, until the Cobra's use one, and then set off the other 3. They kidnap Duke and take him to their secret lair, so it is up to the other G.I. Joes to save Duke, and save the world. As the movie progressed I KNEW how the movie was going to end, what I mean is, I knew what they were going to do to leave it open for a sequel. I KNEW that guy's whistling had to mean something...why keep hearing him do it, if it isn't important to the story, and man do they leave it open for sure. And I will go see it. Of course it is going to end in a way where the Joes have won, but have they really? The Cobra's (I believe this is thier name...anyone?) are very smart, they have genius technology (nano) on their side and something else. To know what major coo they hold in their pockets, you have to go see the movie, which I give 2 thumbs up to. I was entertained the whole time, which is the whole point of a movie! If you hate movies full of gunfights and sword fights and explosions, well I feel sorry for you, but then this movie is not for you. But if you basically love a good movie and a good time, get out to the theatres and see this on the big screen!

Now if only I can find something to occupy me for...a really long amount of time. I know I am down in the dumps bad again. I am going to dye my hair the dark red any day now, because I am not feeling like being bright and cheerful looking. But don't worry, it is still RED. I will not abandon my chosen self. RED is me. So I am in a sucky place, many of you understand either the place or at least what the place means to me or others. It is really hard needing to not think about things, because it makes you more depressed, but you can't escape your own brain. And you can't compartmentalize depresion, etc. If it were that easy, trust me, I'd have it in a neat box, tied about 30 trillion times with iron chains and such to lock it away. I like that thought, but having to reside in my head, I know it doesn't work this way. You have to wade through the bad times, sometimes you drown...hopefully I can be pulled back up and continue to wade until I reach at least a shallow end. If that made no sense, it is okay, I don't always understand what I say either. Doh!

And yes, it is a saddish BUT pretty song that is currently stuck in my brain, so share it with you. I swear I didn't mean to have it get stuck in my head right now, but I just found the song and fell in love with it and then all this new crap happened, so what can I say?

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Izzy said...

HOLY COW i now nolonger feel bad about my socks at all ^_^

*dances with Wendy*

and sweetness with the G.I. Joe I must go see the trailers looked sweet!!!!!

sorry about your walmart but it sounds like they are digging a hole to the under ground mole people O_o

this is a super curiosity thing for me too I would like to know myself why there is a big hole in your wal mart that just doesnt sound right O_o

then again my walmart is just plain scary any way...

it smells funny and thought there are no holes I know they are up to no good XD

I should know this I used to work for the evil Doom Poop of a company...

any way the lack of sleep has got me a little zaney sorry about my funny comment T_T


Jessica♥ said...

NO hannah montana!
bad wendy BAD!

Sheri said...

Glad you were kept occupied and enjoyed the movie :)

mama-face said...

Oh, Wendy, do I ever get where you are coming from. I constantly have to remind myself that I've felt good before; so I will feel good again. But when you are the midst of it; I know it feels like it is never going to end.
And sometimes there's no telling where it came from.

I always wonder what's going on behind that dumb wall at Walmart too. And why does Walmart even bother remodeling? It's still Walmart...They put a new sign on ours. Like that's gonna make me want to shop there. :)

Jillene said...

My kids are dying to see Hannah Montana!!

I really want to see GI Joe.

Feel better soon!! Eat your favorite snacks, watch your favorite movie and get happy!!

LadyStyx said...


Time to grab a quart of mint chocolate chip icecream and a stupid movie that makes you laugh!

Lee said...

I want to comment better.
But I saw "I will follow you into the dark" and started bawling.
That was my song with Drew.

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