Thursday, August 27, 2009

Apologies and Vlog

Hey guys! I am sorry I actually MISSED posting, but I swear it wasn't my fault! I was in the middle of emailing some of you, when the internet just stopped working. I couldn't finish sending out my emails, I couldn't comment on blogs, I ouldn't create a post. Then it got really angry with me and wouldn't even display the tabs I'd already opened. So I couldn't read your posts until about a half hour ago!!

Yesterday was a bad day, I got into a big fight with my mother, and we weren't talking to eachother. And she is the one I go to talk to when I am upset, so I spent the night fighting tears and trying to pretend I was fine with leaving things unresolved which I wasn't. She showed up in the middle of the night, and had to deal with the fact that when I am IN that frame of mind, I can't seem to make myself talk until I have finally broken down and then I can't stop crying. I told her all the reasons I had gotten so angry, everything that was bothering me, and apologized for the mean things I said to her. And she understood why when she said one certain thing I heard it from a different perspective and she apologized and we just hugged for awhile. Since she missed out of a couple hours of sleep, I called into her work and told them she had a doctor's appointment. She would have needed the extra sleep anyway. Her pulse was 40 yesterday, her thyroid medication and blood pressure meds mixed badly and a LOW pulse (what would I know about low, I battle tacchycardia, which is HIGH pulse rate) made her dizzy and sleepy. Which I didn't know about so that made me cry some more. I hate fighting with my Mom, she is one of my best friends and I hate seeing her cry. She keeps reassuring me that we are fine now, but I am OCD, so I keep asking, and we hug again.

Today I went hunting for a new comforter/quilt. I know you are all going, Wendy it's August. But I think if you buy them before it gets cold, you will find the better deals. All I have is my quilt from my old twin bed, and a Christmas-ey quilt with snowmen and gingerbread men. Not so cute from like Novemeber 1st through March. Plus last year I slept with the snowman one AND my twin one on top, it was that cold. So I saw one or two at Target I liked, but they were 90 bucks, so my Mom suggested looking at Penny's online. SO I am doing that after I am done here. I hope I can find a really pretty, but not frilly or cutesy, Queen comforter or quilt that goes with my room and me and is on sale!! That would make me very happy.

This is for Fort Thompson's Vlog Emotions. There was a theme this week, kids. As you know, the only "baby" I have is Max, my dog. So I give you a Maxie video. This shows you how much he loves his ball and will NOT let anyone take it from him. Even resorting to knocking your hands away! LOL! It is so cute, I think!! He tries to use his paws like hands!

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Kristina P. said...

I love furry babies!

Sarah said...

you should try Ikea for a comforter and cover. I got my cover from there. They have TONS of patterns and colors.

Sheri said...

I hate fighting with my Mom too. Glad you made up :)

Try looking on too. I found an awesome duvet cover on there pretty cheap - and shipping is REALLY cheap! :)

Shasta said...

He's so cute, loved the video!!

I'm glad you and your mom made up, my mom and I are best friends too so when we fight, it's awful and I feel awful.

Tim said...

So glad you worked things out with your mom. Will pray that her health gets better.

I just love your cute videos of Maxie. He is just the cutest with the best little personality!

Have a great weekend Wends!

Love and Prayers,


Lee said...

It's good that you two made up. I hate fighting with my mom, and it's happened a few times.
I'm OCD too. Always asking if things are okay.

Tori_z said...

Glad you got things sorted with your Mom.

LadyStyx said...

Katy's like that with her bone.

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