Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How I Feel...

I feel like crap on a stick. Yes putting it on a stick makes it all better, didn't you know that? Meat on a stick, candy on a stick, it makes it all that much more acceptable. So that is me, Wendy, crap on a stick.

I had only been up about an hour and a half when I fell asleep!! And at 9:30pm Sam forced me to take NyQuil even though she knows I won't sleep the night through, but she says even if I only sleep for a few hours, I still get the medicine, but MAN, I am going to be a limp noodle any minute now...limp noodle crap on a stick!!

I watched "17 Again" last night after I awoke from my NyQuil stupor and I have to say I loved it. It is about Mike Donnell, and the fact that because he gave up impressing a basketball scout when he was 17, because he picked his pregnant girlfriend over being a star, he is now a bitter discontent man. He is in the middle of a divorce because he does blme his wife for the fact that he has not accomplished anything amazing in his life. So when he remarks to a stranger that life would be so much better if he was 17 again, he is transformed back into his pubescent self! He has no idea what to do and at first figures this is his second chance! With his best friend's help "Mark" is born. But once he enrolls in the school his teenage son and daughter attend, he decides this has all happened because he needs to help THEM to change their lives. So he insinuates himself into their lives. As he helps his son make the basketball team and get the guts to tell the girl he likes how he feels, he tries to keep his daughter from the lecherous boyfriend pressuring her to go all the way and give up her dreams of Dartmouth to stay with him. And hanging around his own family, he sees his wife as he saw her before bitterness clouded everything for him. He tries to ruin her attempts at moving on, and tries to be the man he should have been. But is it too late? How can "Mark", a 17 year old boy, help Mike Donnell fix things? Mike can't even show up for his own divorce hearing, so how can he change things? Well go rent this gem and find out! I loved it, I don' care what anyone thinks of me, Zac Efron was great in this movie!

My Dad's knee surgery is in the morning and I can't even be of any help to him. I have been telling him, stay away fromme, you don't want to get sick if I do have something, and now that I do, he doesn't even want to be in th e same room with me, for long. Not that I blame him. Who would want to have to worry about surgery and a really crappy sickness at the same time?! Not me! I feel like crap on a stick now? I couldn't handle pain from surgery too. Yuck.

So I am still obviously not up to par so I will save my running around adventurous Tuesday *snort* for later. As I am not going anywhere it feels like. I'm tired already and have to check on my Giveaway, as it is almost time! And I have 2 more to do too! One I am so not ready for, haven't made the food yet, but the other Yoplait one will be very soon. Heck, if I eat what I have maybe it will be ready to start tommorrow! But I need more people to sign up, so that the companies send me more and more. And I even listed this one on Prizey!! Aggh!

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Kristina P. said...

I hope you feel better soon, Wendy!

TeeTee said...

Feel better!

Oooh... 17 Again... I'll have to watch it!

Tori_z said...

Hope you feel better soon, and that your Dad's knee surgery goes smoothly. *Hugs*

Izzy said...

God I thought by now you would start feeling a little more up to par T_T

dang Wendy just relax and try not to stress your body out drink lots of water fluids are good when you feel not well
and I dunno about you but when I feel like poop a nice hot bowl of chicken noodle soup makes me feel awesome i think its the salt but yeah try that ^_^


Amander said...

You know what is good on a stick? The Hot Dog on a Stick Cheese Dogs...mmmmm. I am craving one now.

Sorry you are feeling crappy - hope you feel better soon!

LadyStyx said...

Besides, if he comes down with what you have....they wont operate.

Jessica♥ said...

you are not crap on a stick!
I know your saying that because your sick but your are not crap on a stick!
you are amazingness on a stick. =]
I really hope you feel better!

Lee said...

I hope you feel better, and I hope your dad's surgery goes okay

Life with Kaishon said...

I saw your comment on Yaya's place and came over to say hi : ) It was so nice of you to be encouraging. I love nice people! They are my favorite kind! SO sorry you are feeling sick.

PS My son LOVES Peter Pan : )

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