Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Giveaway Fix and...

Okay first off, I was about to send off my latest giveaway winners info to the Yoplait people, when a sentence from the email caught me eye. ONE Complimentary gift bag to TWO of your readers. To two must have confused me, or the two words together made my brain just process it was to, but I made a goof and I have a second winner to announce. So, to the SECOND Summer Cool Down pack's winner, lucky number 4, which is YAYA!! Congratulations Alicia and send me your mailing info so I can submit BOTH my winner's info!!

I am totally boring today so I will be leaving a tiny post and a music video. I took Mucinex today and all I have in my head is those gross green people partying in my body. Ew. Those commercials are gross. Today I have slept a lot, watched tv with the family, and showered. Yup, that is so exciting. And my feelings? They haven't changed any. I am not doing okay, and those of you who have gone through any sort of depression, know, that it just doesn't stick around for a few days and magically go away and you are all better again. I am in a dark place, but hope that I can show myself honestly, but still with humor and myself shining through anything I post. :)

This is a song by Max Morgan, I heard it on an ABC Family show and loved it. And it is definitely more upbeat than the last.

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4 meaningful meanderings:

TeeTee said...

Great song!

Izzy said...

as much as I visit your page I some how managed to miss the yoplait!!! >_< what is wrong with me???

lol oh well any how congrats on new yogurt winners ^_^

Speaking of I'm dieing for the Fiber One T_T
arghragrh my tummy begs for it Wendy lol

Lee said...

Congrats Yaya!
Wish I could win something, darn.

LadyStyx said...

YAY!! Congrats Yaya!

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