Friday, August 21, 2009

Taking a Step Old Faves

Hey guys, I feel like with my VLOG I posted less than 24 hours ago, you know where I am at emotionally, so I am just going to go with everything else. I went to dinner tonight at El Sombrero. It is our towns' best Mexican restaurant. I have eaten at the others in town, so it IS the best, but who knows about Mexican restaurants in big cities, they could be even better, but I loved it. They have the best homemade salsa. I am not a salsa eater, and even here, I just dip into the liquid, but I love to do so, it tastes so yummy and fresh! They sell it to go, we really need to buy some. I got the Chicken Chimichangas with double refried beans, as I hate Mexican rice. It was so good! And even the description sounds so yummy now. I know this because they have a website. So "crisp and golden outside and bursting with stuffing inside, topped with sour cream." I am so hungry again! LOL! My dad had a medley of chimichangas, and Kate and my Mom shared Quatro with double beans. That is a chicken chimichanga, a chicken taco and a cheese enchilada. Mmmmm. They also hand make their tortilla chips from scratch, so they sell those too...I am hungry!

Then I stopped by the grocery store again for a few items. And went and watched some NCIS's with my Mom and sisters. After showers and such, I talked with my Mom for a bit. Told her my feelings were still in the same place but then I wanted to hear about her first day back at work, which was funny, because they "lost" a patient. 3/4 of the staff were looking for this guy, all swearing they checked inside, so they were taking cars down the street, etc to look for him. And where was he? He was asleep in someone else's bed and room, with the covers pulled over his head. Poor man, he has mid-stage Alzheimer's, so it isn't his fault. Lots of the patients do that apparently. Stop in whatever room they want and think it is their room and go to sleep in someone's bed. LOL.

Katie and I completed our mini flashback marathon. Yesterday we watched Red Dawn and The Rescue. Red Dawn, which my Dad and Mom said they took us to, when we were kids, was so boring and depressing beyond belief. These kids go hide in the mountains when there town is overrun by terrorists, and form their own army, The Wolverines, which is the mascot of their high school. There are like 8 of them. Young Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen and Jennifer Grey...but only two people make it to tell their story, which appareantly was part of WW III, and it was just SAD.

So to make our moods brighter we watched The Rescue, another old movie. This one has a really young Kevin Dillon and the geeky friend from Family Ties, etc. 4 Navy Seals are found in international waters but North Korea takes them and is planning on executing them. Their children find out the Navy has decided to not go through with the rescue mission, so they get their hands on the plan, and go rescue their Dads themselves. This is a really fun film, it was a fave as a kid, and I still love it. I highly recommend this one.

So tonight, we watched Russkies, which is a fantastic movie too. Very young Joaquin Phoenix (though he was in his Leaf stage), Peter Billingsley and others. A Russian soldier washed up on a Key West beach where 3 young boys find him. Initially they are going to turn him in, because the US and the Russians do not get along, at this point, apparently...I was 9 when this movie got out and seriously if you guys knew as kids who we were warring with, well good for you, I was in my daydreams! LOL. Anyway the kids end up liking Mishka, who is a gentle soul, and so they want to try and help him escape to Cuba. But now the parents are looking for their kids, and finally believing their initial telling, because the kids dad's that are US military contact the base, and Mishka's 2 jerky superiors show up, not dead after all, so Mishka and the three boys are running to and from everybody. It's kind of like a movie about tolerance. Your enemy is not necessarily your enemy, they could end up being your best friend. The friendship formed between these four is beautiful! If you have never experienced Russkies, which was HUGE also in my house, you should see if you can find it.

Now I kind of feel like seeing if I still like Iron Eagle, I own it, it was part of a 2 disc-movie set. I also feel like watching War Games and Space Camp and Project X...lots of my beloved favorites from my youth. Not TANK though, I always hated that movie but everyone else in the house liked it...yuck. Oooh and Real Genius, Flight of the Navigator, Explorers and D.A.R.Y.L.!! Good flicks!! I need to rent Last Starfighter too because we don't on it...any questions on any of these movies, just ask! They are GREAT! Labyrinth, Goonies, so many oldies but goodies!

I recorded the 3 hours of Project Runway that premiered tonight and have almost finished the All Stars challenge. I can't decide who I want to win, I need to see their stuff on the runway. Sanino has gotten MORE obnoxious and Uli has gotten mean! I want to grab Jeffrey and shave that ugly mustache off his face! LOL. And after I may watch some soaps or Gossip Girl's. I now have both seasons and am starting from Season 1. I am on the third episode, Poison Ivy. Love the GG, it is addicting!Shoooosh!!

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Yaya said...

We have NO good Mexican restaurants here. Totally sucks.

Jessica♥ said...

Mexican restaurants are our ok. I don't really like spicy food so it's not really my thing.
The only movie out of this whole list I knew about was Goonies and I don't even remember what it's about just that I've heard of it.
& I missed project runway? That's sad. I was looking for a good show last night too. hmph.

Tori_z said...

I've never tried mexican food. At least, not that I remember. There aren't many - if any - mexican resteraunts around here.

TeeTee said...

Sounds yummy-- I am so hungry right now!

LadyStyx said...

I haven't seen D.A.R.Y.L in a while. I'll have to see about picking it up one of these days.

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