Sunday, August 16, 2009

CD's, Chili's and Slammin' movies

Well things did not go exactly as planned today. I slept for 12 hours straight and still awoke feeling tired. This bug is yucky!! And you should hear me when I first wake up and I am trying to get my chest and throat clear, it is NOT a pretty sound. LOL! So by the time I was wondering where everyone was and what was going on, I found out both my Dad and Mom were taking naps, Sam was taking off to see her friend's BF do that fake wrestling stuff and Katie was off to bellydance at Cafe Lebanon. So it was just me and Max. Max who looks gorgeous by the way. He got his hair cut today so he is so soft and smooth and you can see the "eyeliner" near his eyes, which is why we say he has Egyptian eyes. Here click on these two pics and you can see his "eyeliner"!!

And here is a picture of his poor bandaged paw. He is so tired from the painhe was in and from the antibiotic, he is about as pitiful as me. I call him and my Dad the "Boo-boo Boys".

So it was just me and Max. And as sick as I feel, I have been cooped up for almost 4 days in this house, so I ran down the street to Target. I figured maybe while I was gone, Mom and Dad would wake up and we would GO to the movies like we were supposed to. So I picked up the Jessie James cd that I have been waiting to get, and HOLY crap, Target had it for $7!! Score! I love the 2 songs that have been out for awhile, Wanted and Blue Jeans. They rock! Plus I found a great blue soft cotton scarf on clearance, so I was a happy shopper.

I drive back home and the 'rents? STILL asleep. So still just me and the dog. Bored out of our gourds. Okay it was just me bored, Max was more than happy to have someone to snuggle against. Katie calls up, now Cafe Leb is all the way in West Springfield, Mass. We live in Southington, CT. So it is over an hour drive just to get there. And she arrives and there is already a bellydancer there. The owner double-booked, and did he even compensate her gas money? No. I think this guy is an idiot. I swear, Katie does not make much money with him, he is cheap and he pulls this kind of crap ALL the time. AND he pays poorly? I would stop working for him as often as she does. Half her pay goes to the gas money, and he is all, I pay you 100 bucks but my Mass. girls only get 85. Oooh, that is because his "Mass." girls live nearby, really close, and they know he is cheap which is why Kate is always up there, they only take his gig if they have nothing better offered! So she is on her way home.

Drugged up Dad shows himself around 7:45pm, he is totally surprised that he not only slept, but he slept for a long time. He was sorry we didn't go to the movies and when I asked about a late showing he was like "uhhhm no. Too tired". So I asked about dinner, I needed to get out of this house and he wanted Fajitas from Chili's. So we woke my Mom up at 8 and Kate got home and the four of us went for a late dinner. Ya know what? I really don't like Chili's any more. I used to LOVE the chicken crispers, but now they seem like so fatty fried, it is a little gross. Because I don't have anything there I like, I tried the 3 appetizers, with the crispers, 2 mini chicken sandwiches and the Southwestern eggrolls. But we got an appetizer of the Chili con Queso and just having a little of that, I could barely eat a mini chicken sandwich and one crisper, which IS as nasty as I remembered. What happened? It was my favorite meal for years until a few years ago!?!

Then Katie asked if I wanted to see a movie with her, she seemed to need out of the house, I figure she must be frustrated with all this crap. So we were trying to decide what to see. At the top of my list is The Perfect Getaway, but Kate is all Nooo I hate scary movies....but she loves Haunted mansions and mazes, etc. What the heck?! So she said if we went with both of our second choices, which was Bandslam, she would see Perfect Getaway with me next! Score! So we left for a 10:25 pm showing and as we got out of the neighborhood, we ran into Sam, and asked her to go. And she was "You're going to see Bandslam. You are GOING to see Bandslam? You're going to see Bandslam...okay". LOL. She said it was a teeny-bopper movie but it doesn't matter, they are her weakness too and she knows it!

And you know what? It isn't a teeny-bopper movie. It was really good! It is about learning who you really are and embracing that part of you that makes you different from other people. You need to accept the fact that you may be different from everyone else, but that is what could make a huge difference is someone else's life. The story is told from Will Sutton's point of view. He is the nerdy music-obsessed guy who moves to a new town, and expects this place to be just like home, where he had no friends and no one who understood him...and his penchant with writing letters to David Bowie...all the time. But before he knows it he has befriended Sa5m (the 5 is silent) and he starts hanging around Charlotte, who sees he is special and convinces him to be the manager for her new band. With his gift, he knows what they need to be good and starts going after the people they need, as shy and scared as he is. And he starts to fall in love. But him falling in love is being put to the test because of how dedicated he is to his band. As they head towards their goal, winning Bandslam and a record deal, Will's past returns to haunt him, and he experiences some major heartache and break. Is this new life with friends and maybe even a girlfriend meant for him? Or will he go back to old Will, alone and picked on every day? It is a movie worth seeing and has great music. Sure you know Vanessa Hudgens is in the movie, but so is Aly Michalka of Aly & AJ, a popular sister duet. The music is just stellar and I will definitely be buying this movie when it gets out. Lisa Kudrow is great as Will's way overprotective mom who is not used to her son HAVING friends so when he gets some, she is kind of jealous and a wreck! Go see it now!

So while I may still be that stuff stuck under your shoe, I had a good time today, even if all the good stuff happened late at night. That is my time of the day anyway! Have a great night all!

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TeeTee said...

Sounds like one awesome movie!

Again, I hope you feel better!

Tori_z said...

Glad you enjoyed the movie.

Sorry to hear you're still sick though. Hope you're feeling better soon. *Hugs*

Jessica♥ said...

I definitly want to go see band slam now. It sounds really good.

mama-face said...

I've never heard of this Movie-no surprise there though! You should write movie reviews professionally. Sorry your sick btw!

I will love a restaurant forever, always order the same thing, and one day it just isn't my fave anymore. Sad. We hardly ever to Chili's because the wait is 9 hours long. But I love their Southwest Egg Rolls. :) And they did give us free dessert one time because we were crying about something...long story.

LadyStyx said...

*HUGZ* Hope you're feeling better tomorrow.

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