Friday, August 7, 2009


My favorite family, the H's, welcomed another grandchild into the family today!! Gretchen is absolutely adorable! This has been a really crazy few weeks for this family! Grandma H, the Bishop's mother, died. Al, the baby of the family, married his Lashley. And now a brand new baby has been added to Matt and Hydi's adorable brood! I can't wait for them to bring her down to CT!! I am so gonna hold and snuggle me some new baby! I love babies! And an H baby? Double special.

It looks like, at this point, my Aunt doesn't want any help at Girl's Camp. I AM glad she feels like everything is in better order, this year. But I am surprised at how sad I feel. I was positive she'd say she wanted me up there, so I wrote up that post and could feel myself getting psyched up. So it just feels like a blow, knowing I won't be going up there. Once my Aunt stops going, we could never have the opportunity to go again, unless they move the borders for the Stakes again. But who knows if that will ever happen. I am just really bummed, for some reason, the thought of going up has been on my mind all summer. It really does feel special up there. As soon as I turn onto the road the camp is off of, I can feel it in the pit of my stomach. It's like there is a magic in the air. I have experienced so much there. From the good (I got the Smile award the first year, and I hate camping!) to the scary (a close Sister had a miscarriage right in front of me), Girls Camp has been a huge part of my life. And not going, it is making me feel like I am missing out on something important. And it has never felt like this before, never felt so important to be there. And there is nothing I can do. Apparently it is not meant to why does it feel so wrong?

I organized some of my stuff in my room tonight. Mom is sleeping in Katie's room since she is off to Maine for the weekend, lucky girl. Now my throat hurts. My Mom got a cold before it turned into bronchitis, but I am sure it will probably just turn out to have been the dust and it will be gone by morning. I used to be the one to catch everything. In fact my intestines have pockets of infections in them...I had an endoscopy done, even have the pics in my memory book!LOL!Ooh inside intestines in a memory book, how cute! Ha! I have told you people I am not your normal girl. Like I say, normal people worry me. Anyway, since I had the gastric bypass, getting sick is rare. Except for stomach viruses, which is not okay and not fair. I now wonder if the reason I seem to catch no cold or flus, is that maybe the surgery made it so I am not using that portion of my intestines's a reasonable conclusion, don't you think? So there will probably be no popsicles and tissues in my future. I miss being taken care of when you are sick. And stomach illnesses don't count, you don't want anybody to even touch you! Oy! LOL!

So I am going to go wallow in sadness, I can't help it, sorry! I am so disappointed, and have no idea WHY it feels so important this year! What the heck?

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Sheri said...

That does suck and it is okay to feel disappointed :(

Yaya said...

Oh that's a bummer. I hope you're throat feels better.

Tori_z said...

Congrats to the new proud parentts. :)

And, it's OK - and understandable - that you feel disappointed. *Hugs*

Hope your throat is feeling better.

Amander said...

I haven't been to girls' camp since I was in high school. I always really loved it then, though. Sorry you will miss out this year.

Jessica♥ said...

I have a question!!
How did you get those three other blog links at the bottom of your page? =]

rychelle said...

sorry to hear you won't be able to attend girl's camp this year. you should plan a weekend campout with your family instead.

LadyStyx said...

Awww! *HUGZ* How terribly disappointing.

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