Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Shared Addiction/Shame!

So my mother took those particular energy things and threw them away. She doesn't like that I even use the 8 hour energy shots once in awhile, but battery acid spray and stuf that foams in my mouth? Yeah she took them and down the garbage bag they went. So sad. But I was fine with it. I will use the shots of nasty when I absolutely need to, and in the cooler weather I have Pick Me Up Cocoa...sure I am not used to caffeine so my heart really thumps, but to stay awake when I NEED to, I will do it.

I did errands and rented 4 movies from Redbox. The Soloist, Fragments, Obsessed and some family fantasy movie with Sean Astin. So I will probably watch 2 of them tonight.

So I decided to do the post where I make Ramona of Better Than We Deserve feel better about her addiction. You see she feels she is a lip gloss addict and showed why and listed why. Well I told her if she thought she was an addict, watch OUT!! And so I gathered the glosses I could FIND and took pictures!

These are the glosses I keep in the purse I use everyday:

(Lip Smacker's Dr. Pepper is a fave of mine, color and the smell of Dr!!)

These are the lip glosses I keep in the couch's drawer (yup I was given use of it!):

(I Love tints and hues that are sheer)

These are the glosses I keep in the remote control basket in the TV room:

(Lypsyl is amazing, the tingle is soooo nice!)

These 2 pics are the glosses that I keep with my "use everyday" make-up:

(Stains are fun! And the Nuetrogena Sheers on the bottom pic rock!)

But the TRUE reason to make Ramona feel better about her collection of lip glosses? That would be this little thing:

That's right. This 3 drawer organizer is ALL lip glosses! I keep this sucker in my closet! These are the glosses I rarely use, but will never give up. It truly is a sickness, I am sure Ramona will agree. I need lip glosses! I see a new one, it could be the cool bottle it's in, it could be the color, the shape, anything that makes it seem "Oooooh" and I must have it!! So here I open the drawers and show you my shame!

(Lip Smackers do rule, still, to this day! Pink Lemonade is so yummy!)

(Everything from Sephora to Revlon to Loreal AND Giant Lipsmackers!!LOL)

(Man I DO love lip gloss and such!)

And these are just the ones I could find in a 10 minute period! LOL! And yes I have HAD to get rid of many. Sam makes me take them all out every few months or so and smell them and check consistency. Some say throw away lip gloss at exactly this time frame, but some can last a lot longer and still be fine in all ways. I also own a few lip STICKS, but am not a real fan of them. I like sheer, I like soothing, I like creamy. Not really a lipstick kind of thing.Well Ramona? Do you feel a bit better now? LOL!!

P.S. Max broke on of his teeth in half!! He has to go to the vet in the morning! They said they could end up taking it out!! I hope it is broke in a way that just filing it a bit will be okay. My poor puppy!! And a pic of Max from tonight!!

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Amander said...

I have to say, I have a bit of a lip gloss addiction as well (and I am not a lipstick fan, either).

A few years ago I decided I couldn't buy anymore lip gloss until I used what I had up. Let's just say that I am still in the process of doing that (none of mine have gone bad yet). Every now and then I get lip gloss as a gift, though, so that helps my addiction :)

Sarah said...

good lord wendy. i will give you props for burts bees...the best!

Sheri said...

Wow that is a lot! More than I have too and I sell Avon lol. It is a fun addiction though. :P

I hope your dog is okay, I hate when pets aren't feeling well. :(

Jessica♥ said...

I LOVE lipgloss. I'm so tight on money though. When I'm older I'll get a TON of them. haa!
Careful you have to use them before they get old and nasty!! =]

& It's not that I feel ugly now. I'm just not in love with how my body looks or how I feel in it and I've been eating junk food for wayyyy too long. All day every day. I've been getting used to my body and I still don't like it for me. Time to get healthy and look the way I want to. =]

What colors so you want for your bracelet? =]
I already sent one out to Lee this morning. She wanted the pink and yellow one. The colors are on my blog. =]

rychelle said...

i stick to burt's bees. but, i have several tubes scattered about.

i hope little max is doing better. there's nothing worse than a sick/hurt pet!

Izzy said...

OH My Gawd I love you!
I have tons of lip glosses too maybe I should show off my collection yeah ^_^

I have other odd things make up wise as well I love make up ALOT!

I would have to say its an obsession and well super pampering its always good to treat yourself to a few indulgences ^_^

and as far as energy drinks go I love the little bottle of five hour energy the one with no jitters or bad crashing i used those alot when I worked graveyard shift at a few places they come in handy for the right amount of pick me up.

the movie selection you picked sounds pretty good.

I wanna see The Soioist you'll have to tell me if its any good.

and I saw Obsessed in the theatre and Oh Wow!
Its intense and good it gets sad i think but I loved it ^_^
and I have never heard of fragments...

they are turning The Lovely Bones into a movie it looks good funny thing is I saw the book for sale at the used book store two days ago and it sounded good but I decided to get a prepairing the Manuscript book because I have been writing a book for the last 3 years and I wanna get it ready to publish and see what people think ^_^

any how hope my rambelings were helpful to you ^_^

LadyStyx said...

Dang. I've got only 3 here. One on the desk and 2 in my purse. I don't use those flavored ones anymore because I end up licking them off constantly.

Tori_z said...

Poor Max!

Elizabeth said...

I'm a little afraid of all your glosses, but I'm a chapstick junkie myself!
You're all added to the NE Bloggers list. Welcome, and spread the word.

Haley said...

And I thought I was bad. Girl, you got me beat in the lipgloss category. What is it about the lipgloss that we just can't get enough of?...

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