Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sought After? Retail!

Today I decided I NEEDED to get out and do some retail therapy. I am depressed, sad, lonely and a plethora of other emotions, so doing something that alleviated stress seemed to be a great idea. I almost was aked not to go out tonight, because there were thunderstorm and tornado warnings, but tornadoes touching down in CT? I don't think so. Although on my way there, I did kind of start to wonder if maybe I was wrong. The clouds out there today were SCARY. I took some pics, one or two while driving, which when I told my Mom and Sandy, I got yelled at very much and promised never to do it again. I was careful, but I won't do it, I didn't realize they'd be so upset. But check these clouds out yet.

I went to one of my favorite stores, Blue Moon. It is sad because they closed for renovations, claiming they were expanding into the next store. Then they finally reopen and not only did they not expand to the next store, but they made their store smaller. They used to have a plethora of candles, cool boxes, faery and dragon stuff, all sorts of cool things. Now most of the cool stuff is gone and all they have left is their jewelery, which I love, but is very expensive. Oh and they also have Vera Bradley stuff all over...I HATE Vera Bradley bags, I am sorry you lovers of them, they annoy the crap out of me! They are like Mormon table cloth dresses only on a bag and pricey! Pay big bucks for those ugly prints?! No bloody way, heinous things! Anyway, after being very disappointed this one ring I fell in love with (and its' price) was 2 sizes too small, I settled on this delicate amber necklace. After using the gift card I got from Katie on my birthday, all I had to do was pay $7 more. Here is a pic!

I walked both floors of the mall, and while I lurked in a few stores, like Sephora's, I didn't find anything I wanted. It was so disappointing! I love this perfume Katie and her bellydance friend Gina wear, it is called Pink Sugar by Aquolina, and smells divine, but apparently it smells divine on THEM. I sprayed some on, smelled and wanted to gag, it did not smell like Pink Sugar on me! SO I left the mall with my necklace and ran over to Old Navy. The one near West Farms actually had stuff, so I tried a lot on, but even though the stuff was sheer and flowey, it looked horrid on me. I ended up getting this scooped henley:

In three colors. I don't care what Stacey and Clinton say, when you find something you like, stock up! I will wear it only under t-shirts in the fall and winter. If I got my tummy tuck I dream of, to rid myself of this excess skin that forms two stomachs, I would wear them as just henleys, but until that happens, these are layering shirts.

I also went to Target, as I had only managed to spend a total of $34, but I ran dry there too. There wasn't even ONE movie I wanted! ME!! That IS sad. So I went home, hung out for a bit with the family and then went and showered for the night and am now watching GG, with Max plastered to my left side.

Oh and this was a headband at Claire's I should have actually bought. It would be cute for Halloween, but most likely won't be there by the time I got back over there. Too bad, mistake on my signature

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Tori_z said...

Hope the retail therapy made you feel better. *Hugs*

Kristina P. said...

I don't like Vera Bradley either. I don't understand why the bags are so expensive!

mama-face said...

I understand retail therapy. I wonder why it helps so much? But I know it does.

btw...I LOVE Vera Bradley bags...I have several. haha.

But I'm with you on all the rest.

LadyStyx said...

We had clouds like that yesterday. *shivers*

Aint that always the way, when ya got the money and wanna shop...ya never can find anything worth buying. When the situation is reversed, of course you find everything!

TeeTee said...

Ooooh.. shopping!

I love the shirts you got, I want them!

I hope you feel better!

ktmay said...

man, you ALMOST made me want to go to the mall (gasp, shriek). that is a cute necklace. i agree about the vera bradley bags. (GRAMMA prints!!!) yuckity yuck yuck. AND i also agree with you about the shirts. i always KICK myself later when i realize i absolutely ADORE a shirt, and should have gotten every color available. i have this one shirt that just looks so good- it fits just right,makes me look like i actually have boobs (dream on), hides any pooch i may have going on in the belly region...i wear it at least once a week, sometimes more. i wish i could afford a tummy tuck too, but that aint gonna happen any time soon- so i buy tight tank tops to wear under my shirts. it works!! just try it!!! buy a tank top a few sizes small and see what it does for your figure. but let me warn you- you have to get the ones that are LONG....if they cut off across the belly, you end up with 2 levels of muffin top. LOL and you know that's just too sexy.

Sheri said...

Retail therapy is always fun, glad you found a really cool necklace. :) Hope you are feeling better today!

Jessica♥ said...

oh my goodness! haha. That head band is fabulous!

My mom says the same thing, stock up on shirts you find and like. Ehh. I don't really do that. =]

Lee said...

A.) I totally hate you (with love) for getting that headband. I looked EVERYWHERE for one like that to wear with my dang costume!!!
My sister-in-law got me one, and I just don't FREAKING understand them! They're so, so, so expensive, and they're not cute! They're just some cloth!!!
And that's my rant.

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