Friday, August 14, 2009

Bored So Thus, I Talk

Agh I am still feeling like dog doo-doo, but I am bored out of my gourd, so I decided posting it is. Sure, I have no energy so doing things tires me out, but that doesn't change the fact that I am bored. Last night I was so desperate I named my markers (well they didn't even have numbers and I need to be able to remember which color I used!!) and did a color swatch page. Today I was so bored I took pictures of my dressier clothes so I knew what I have. I buy things and forget I bought them so I never remember to wear them!! That is just sad, these are neglected clothes people!! You don't believe me? Here is my color swatch page, you can click on it:

And man, I found some really cute stuff I bought that I have never even taken the tags off of, let alone worn! Look at this cute stuff!

*Adorable Trapeze dress which means COMFY. I wear with cardigans. And have two in other solid colors.

*Tube top, but I tried it with a white cardigan, so cute!

*I think it is an adorable skirt, I picked up in Florida.

*Uber cute top to wear that I loved as soon as I tried it on!

*This skirt I fell in love with and waited and waited to get it for Christmas and then forgot I owned it!

*This awesome top from Torrid I fell in love with.

*And this sheer top with a tank I went crazy over but forgot I owned it! What is wrong with me!

All yet to be worn! Oh the poor clothes!! Plus 3 pairs of awesome dress pants, one even pin striped and never worn!!

Anyway, besides my boredom, I did manage to get out on Tuesday before the worst of this cold/flu hit me. I needed to go all the way to Wallingford's Walmart Supercenter in order to get one of the foods I need to sample in order to do my review/giveaway. I was not happy I had to travel 25 minutes one way just to pick up a food item they were supposed to send ME, but I ended up being glad I went. This Super Walmart has some grocery items I haven't been able to find at any of the grocery stores anywhere around me! I was ticked off too. I tried to return the WebCam I got for my birthday (my hopes that vlogs would be easier are a dead one. My voice and image didn't match up and this was a Logitech!) but since I had no receipt and they said this as not from their Walmart they couldn't help me! Grrr! I thought you could return a Walmart item to any Walmart, but nope. Only if you have a bloody receipt! Grrr! LOL!

So I bought some good Walmart things plus the foods I need to test, and drove all the way back to the Walmart in my town. I was feeling horrid and tired and sick, and then they tell me, this isn't from a Walmart. Excuse me? My sister assured me numerous times, this we got from Walmart, so I was burning with embarassment and just plain ticked off. When I get sick I get cranky! So apparently the webcam, yeah not from Walmart, it was from Target, which I had been to hours earlier returning an item for Sam!! I felt like shoving a screwdriver through my head! And our Walmart now has a sign inside. It says 40 Days until your NEW Walmart is here. If they have more stuff and make it better, that is great, but 40 more bloody days of chaos until Walmart isn't a headache?! No thanks, I am either going to Target or a Walmart not in this town! That is the end of September! Ughh noooo!

My Dad didn't get home from the hospital until almost 7pm. And he was feeling great! Sure he was on percocet and morphine, but he was in such a good mood! So weird, he wasn't even tired! My Mom said that after the procedure he was in agony, but once they pumped him with drugs all of a sudden the procedure was all good. LOL! And as long as he stays AHEAD of the pain, I know this from my major surgery experience, he should stay pretty happy like he is for awhile. But I am worried for when the pills don't help. He did get this really weird knee icing thing though. It has a portable machine and can make it so you have icey water in this knee shaped pack for 72 hours straight. So for now, he is quite amiable. Heck, he is in the best mood he has been in all summer. It's like the pain med has temporarily taken away all his stress! Which is great, I hoep he can get a few days of that at least. Thanks for your well wishes, if anything happened to my parents...I just am not capable, especially at this point in my life, of losing them. And they are still way young, not yet 60, either of them, I expect to have them to say....the Second Coming? Yes that would be good for me, yup.

P.S. Want to know what is even worse than a migraine? COUGHING while you have a migraine, it makes it even worse, if possible!! Whatever I have is a BEAST and I hope none of you get whatever this is!

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Lee said...

I love that trapeze dress. It's really pretty.
Ugh. I've done that. Tried to return something one place that came from another.
That would make me so mad.
Glad your dad made it through okay!

Jessica♥ said...

I hope you feel better, I hope your dad feels better, and I hope your wal mart gets better. =]
& please wear that 1st shirt it's really pretty!

Sheri said...

cute clothes. I do that sometimes too though, I brought quite a few with me to New Orleans so I'd wear them... or well plan on it anyways lol. Hope you and your dad feel better :)

TeeTee said...

I want your penmanship.


I love the first dress, it's so cute!

Feel better soon!

LadyStyx said...

That's a lovely tube top. I love the butterflies on it.

Yaya said...

Coughing with a migraine, Ouch.

That is a brilliant idea taking pictures of your dressy clothes. I rarely get dressed up so when I do I'm always like 'uhhh.....what do I wear??'

Tori_z said...

Sorry I took so long to reply to this post... I'm normally on the blogs a couple of times a day, but the past couple of days I just couldn't be bothered. There are only posts on my blog for Friday and Saturday because I set them up Thursday.


Most importantly, I'm glad your Dad's surgery went well, and hope the drugs help him for a good few days. I know myself - from several experiences with surgery - how awful it is and how crappy you feel when the drugs are out of your system.

Also... That's one of the reasons I hate clothes shopping. You buy all sorts of things, but half of it never gets worn. That's why I just buy stuff as and when I need it. I only own about half a dozen sets of clothes, and a few pairs of PJs. No point owning more when I can only wear 1 set at a time anyway.

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