Monday, August 31, 2009

H Family Visit

Tonight we had some company, unexpected but very welcome. The Bishop and his wife, otherwise known as Jorge and Ja-hoodie (by me), came over for visiting teaching and dinner. As I have mentioned, our families are BFF's, so they are like family, no they ARE family. Ja-hoodie (juh-who-dee) has been a second mom to me on occasions, holding me while I cry, etc. So I love them a lot and they hadn't been over in forever, so it was so good to see them. And Ja-hoodie/Sister H. is hysterical, so I had some much needed laughter. I tell you it is a family trait, they are all just so funny, constantly cracking you up and are just fun, wonderful people. We got to talk about new family members, Sister H is a Grandma again, Gretchen was born about 2 weeks ago to her third child. That would be Matt, who is like a big brother, since I have known hime, since I was about 2. I have known Jorge and Ja-hoodie and their 6 children all Katie's life, so that would be almost 29 years. So Milla, Seth and Matt were like older sibling, Naomi was my BFF, and Weezie and Alex were like my little sister and brother. Now Naomi and Weezie are two of my BFF's, I'd love to be more of a friend with Milla and Sister H/Jahoodie is a close friend too. The kind you can always count on to make you feel welcome and loved and such.

We had a delicious homemade chicken dinner, thanks to my Mom. As we sat around the table, many fun stories were told, and I really got to laugh a lot. It felt so good. I know I am not laughing enough. You know it, when you realize you have not been doing enough of it in a long time. And when Ja-hoodie asked me how I'd been doing, part of me wanted to grab her and my Mom, drag them off to a different room, so I could tell her all about this whole relative situation and how it has been making me so upset and depressed, which has triggered other things I have been worrying about, so I sometimes make myself sick. Just so she really knew how I was doing. It felt like me going "eehhh" was a lie, because I am not even "eeehh", I am bad and I know it and am just trying to take it day by day. So I wish that was what I could have done. But Dad and Jorge and Kate and Sam were all in the room, so I didn't feel comfortable with that. And I got shy a little, because we haven't seen much of them lately. Yes, we just saw them for Lash's shower and Lash and Al's wedding, but it was a wedding that they were the family of, you don't get to sit and talk, and definitely not talk serious stuff. Wow sorry, let's get off that subject line.

We then decided to eat the free frozen cake/ice cream cake, I got from Schwann's, through Lee mentioning on her blog, that she got free ice cream. I should have just gone with sherbert like she did, because though Bishop and Sister H, loved it, none of my family did. And my Mom was so excited because she hates plain ice cream cakes and wished for one that was half cake, so that was why I picked that, and it was pretty gross I have to say. Nothing redeeming about it at all. I so wish I had stuck with sherbert or a pizza or something, because it was a big disappointment! I got my computer out and we looked at pics of the new families, including the sonogram of Weezie's, where it is a 3-D image but the baby is only 14 ounces and it looks kind of like melted wax. A little freaky I have to say, but that technology is amazing!! And Sister H recieved a few sample pictures from Al and Lash's wedding photographer, so we got to see those. Lovely! We were laughing a lot, but once it was 9:30pm Jahoodie told Jorge (okayhis name IS George but I call him Jorge) they better go, it was past his down time, and hers.

We so have slacked off, both our families, on getting together. And I so want to remedy that. I want us to have dinner together once a month for sure, and that doesn't include like if we went to the movies or had lunch or the parents went to dinner with them and their other best friends, the F's. Us and them, at one of our houses, at least once a month. We all say how much we miss talking, so that is what we should do! I am already feeling quite shaken because it sounds like Weezie is going to move away, and I always thought she'd stick close to home. And losing her is very upsetting. Now I am freaking that the parents will move away too, yes I am a perpetual professional worrier and I can make a mountain out of the teeniest molehill. Yup.

Anyway, I am watching Gossip Girl. Already on Season 2, disc 3. It is about to get really good, as Chuck's dad bites the bullet soon, so his slimeball Uncle takes over Bass. LOL! I love this show, such DRAMA!!

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Tori_z said...

Glad you had such a good day. :)

Jillene said...

Sounds like you had a great night. And I love ice cream cake--yummy!

Sheri said...

Glad you had a good night and Gossip Girl is great! :)

Amander said...

You should laugh more! I think laughing really hard is necessary every day.

TeeTee said...

Sounds like a fun night... ah, Gossip Girl... I love it so much!

Lee said...

I'm sorry that the cake tasted bad!
The sherbet was really good, so it's too bad you didn't go with that. But I'm also amazed it came so fast. Mine wasn't here for like 2 weeks.
Glad you had a nice dinner and good conversation!

Jessica♥ said...

I love love love Gossip Girl. Glad to see you had a good day. For once! =]
keep it up!.

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