Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shopping at CVS

The only thing that really went on today was I went grocery shopping, had some delicious native corn and strawberries, etc. I also had a huge panic attack over this relative crap ), it is just not getting any better, no matter what anyone in this household does and says. Some people are just not mature and other people have to suffer because of their actions. So I cried for awhile, I just want it over, we all want it over, which is why we did as they asked. But some people never have enough. Enough said, I had a anxiety attack which gave someone else one. It was not the BEST of days. ANYWAY!

To distract my brain, I went to CVS, picked up some cold med stuff for my Mom and went shopping to get my mind in a different direction. I bought the new Nuetrogena concealer. I LOVE Nuetrogena stuff, I feel like it is good for my skin! his has a cream concealer on top and a powder on the bottom to seal it all in! I can't wait to try it out! I also got a little nail polish crazed. I bought 5. I got Wet N Wild's Eggplant Frost, a cute purple. I got Revlon Not So Blue-berry which is a shimmery lavender blue which when it dries smells like blueberries!! The collection is limited so go get it! Then there is Sally Hansen HD (hi-def) in BLU. It is SO very blue it is not even funny! It is like the Crayola color. LOL. But it is so intense, I love it! I am so not a traditional color girl. Not with nail polish. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Gunmetal, it is really like a dark gun color, sheen and all. Cool! LOL!And this NYC In A NY Minute color called West Village. I is such a deep blue it has purple in it too. Heehee. I went to town with nail color. And I hpost signatureave no real nails on my hands, I chew my nails, but I love nail polish, especially on my toesies. So I am going to rmovie the hunter green on them now and apply one of my newbies. I am testing them on my fingernails to decide which color to start with. My hand look REAL interesting right now, lol!

I also bought Kickers 80 Hour Energy Booster. You spray 5 times under your tongue and it is good for like 20 uses. I am now scared though

. I wanted a picture of the product....here...

So I looked it up and am hearing things like "My mouth rebelled as I could taste the nastiness. Havent you guys ever heard of sweetners??? GAH! I have rarely held anything this nasty in my mouth on purpose!" and "tastes like I am spraying battery acid in my mouth...on purpose!"...what am I supposed to do with THAT?! I am now scared, but it seems so handy to have, when I am in a movie and NEED that pick me up because I AM falling asleep, BAM I am awake. I just don't know if I should develop some method to take it...I know I won't be holding it under my tongue for 30 seconds, not when I am imagining how it tastes!! Have you guys ever had liquid Valerian root? That was so noxious I couldn't handle it, so what would lessen the horrid taste?? Any suggestions? PLEASE!!! I just was like what a great price! 6 bucks and multiple uses! The 8 hour energy shots I have tried work okay I think, but are nasty (so does not taste like an orange!!) and pricey! 6 bucks for 2 shots. Oy! I also bought some Zipfizz, since CVS was saying they were discontinued and they were only a buck fifty. You add them to a 16 oz. water and it is an energy drink. But now I am reading that this powder somehow creates carbonation?!! Agghh! Adding a powder to water? Are you serious??! It doesn't say carbonated anywhere on the box!! This one reviewer though says the powder is so tasty, that he eats it like a pixie stick, so maybe that could work for me?

Okay this is like 30 minutes later. No I haven't attempted the battery acid, that would be crazy, it's 5 am! But I decided to test the "pixie sticks". *crying* Those are SO not pixie sticks!! I tapped a little of the pink lemonade in my mouth, but couldn't tell, so I poured a little more, and my mouth effervesced!! It filled with a foam and it was a nasty, nasty tasting foam!! And after I finished gagging, I tried Orange Soda, which was equally disgusting! Sure there are the hints of pink lemonade and orange, but not enough to mask the horrid taste!! Tastes like candy my butt!! And I don't know if effervescent is the same as carbonation, which I can't have or it will expand my sromach, which is NOT okay. I did not go through the hell (I am describing it as the place not the cuss) that surgery was, for nothing!! I am SO mad!!

I am going to paint my nails High Def BLU now...as I pout and rant somemore, just to myself!!Grrr!

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Sarah said...

LOVE green! I have Emerald Green (Sally) on my toes now and soon I will take it to my nail guy and have him paint my fingers with it!
Not sure about the energy stuff. The onyl thing I ever use is Red Bull and that is rare because I drink coffee when I am super tired. I have not had Valerian Root but Milk Thistle is nasty too. So is the liquid Echinachea. Good Luck!

Jessica♥ said...

I love my mineral powder foundation. It actually got rid of my acne and now my face looks amazing. I think it was by cover girl or something like that.
& nail polish. oh my goodness. You should see my collection it's insane. & I definitly love the bright colors.
I don't screw around with anything energy. It messes you up big time. You get addicted and can't live without it. I don't drink coffee either for that soul purpose. But sometimes during the school year I drink coffee in the morning when I'm super tired. It doesn't even wake me up or give me energy so I drink relaxing tea instead which also doesn't give me energy. My body provides my own energy =]

Sheri said...

I love neutrogena stuff too. I need to get a new concealer from them once my mineral makeup from avon is out. Let me know how you like the kind you got :)

As for the energy boosters, I stay away from them and just drink coffee. lol

Amander said...

I'm very afraid of energy boosters. I can't even drink caffienated soda without getting the jitters!

Jillene said...

I can't paint my finger nails. It make me feel closterphibic in my own skin. But I do paint my toe nails....

Kristina P. said...

Like Jillene, I don't ever paint my fingers because they always look like a wreck! But I love getting a pedicure!

Tori_z said...

I used to love nail polish. It's the only kind of make-up I'm not alergic to (and, yes, I did try the "non-alergenic" stuff). I had pretty much every colour I could get my hands on. Different reds, yellow, different pinks, blues, purples... If I spotted it and didn't already have it, I'd buy it. Then I'd do all kinds of combinations on my finger and toe nails. Sometimes the same colour for all nails. Sometimes toes one colour, fingers another, sometimes rainbow nails... Etc. But when my sight started going I lost interest, and I gave all my nail polish away. Now I'm not even interested in having people paint my nails, let alone attempting to paint them myself.

As for the energy boosters... Personally I'd stay away from them (regardless of taste). And, fyi, adding sweetners would probably lessen the effects of them. I don't know that for sure, but it's often the case. That's why they say the best medicines taste nasty, because the lack of sweetners allows the ingredients to work properly. I know it's not exactly the same, but I imagine it would work on the same princible.

LadyStyx said...

Valerian root pills smell like holy hell. Can't (and don't) wanna imagine what the liquid form smells like. Not only to the pills themselves stink but when you sweat...well..umm it's very noticable. Ew

Time to get a picture of all those polishes and post it. I need ideas for new colors! Got the Glambert blue on right now.

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