Sunday, August 23, 2009

Harry oh Harry

Went and saw Harry Potter again with some of my family, before it leaves theaters forever, and you can only see it on your TV screen. Should have known from the onset that I should have just turned around and gone home. Which is weird for me, I always love to go to movies, to be watching movies, etc. When we got to the theater, one of the smallest in this cineplex, no one was going in, there was such volume blaring from inside the doors. You know how with big action movies, you walk by and can hear the action going on? That is quiet compared to what was going on in our theater. Something was wrong with the sound, it was so loud and buzzing, it felt like we were inside the theater with an action movie. But we were all standing in the hall, making boring, idle chitchat. And then the sound finally stopped, so we all headed in.

This is the smallest of their theaters, and Harry Potter has been out a month, so it makes sense I suppose. There are only 10 rows that are stadium seating and then 2 regular rows. Even at the 9th row, MAN, the screen was so close. And then the theater started to fill, and fill, and fill. It was like everyone decided they wanted to see Harry Potter today. We were in the center of an aisle so we had people on each side of us, behind us and in front of us. And I am not good in crowds but we were all concentrating on the screen and audio, because now the screen was smooshed and the volume was muted, for about 10 more minutes, we sat there, wondering...if we left now, could we make it to the Southington Showcase for the 7:10 showing there? (I don't think so) But they finally changed projectors and it started up right. About 10 minutes into the movie, I had an overwhelming feeling that I wanted to leave. Which doesn't make sense to me still. I liked the movie a lot the first time and had been looking forward to this. So why was part of me thinking...maybe I can get the keys and go lie down in the car?? For some reason I couldn't get comfortable either. My butt hurt from the seats and with people behind you and in front of you, you can't lean forward and block their view, not if you are nice. I just couldn't find a single spot where I felt like I could relax.

It wasn't until later, when we walked out, that I began to wonder if it was because I hate crowds and get claustrophobic. Because when I was finally asked how I liked it the second time, I told them I hated it. But not the movie. Actually Dumbledore's fate bothered me more this time, and I realized Harry and Draco in a non-blood way are almost sorta related because of Sirius. I told the parents and Sam and got scolded. Why didn't I tell them, we could have left, and what not. But why? Because I couldn't get comfortable. And my Mom said it probably was the crowd, that she felt squeezed in and had freezing hands but had been sweating the entire apparently I should have said something. Who knew?

We got Taco Bell on the way home, it was around 10pm. Watched some NCIS of course. We are almost at the end of season 5. Which is great timing. My Dad gets Season 6 in on Tuesday, and once he finishes with the first disc, then we can have it. Plus I get House season...last season in on Tuesday. Then for the next few weeks, I will have lots of tv seasons to buy. I think 2 weeks in a row I have 4 series to get each week. But yes, I WILL get them. I must, I saved all summer for them!!

Now I am about to watch Surveillance with Bill Pullman and Julia Ormond. "Somewhere deep inside the Santa Fe desert there have been a number of blood curdling murders...a real killing spree. The local police station is in disarray. Captain Billings, Officers Degrasso and Wright have apprehended three witnesses: Officer Jack Bennet, one of their own, tough, but affected by recent events; Bobby, young, high as a kite on cocaine; and Stephanie, eight years old, who has just witnessed her family being brutally murdered by two figures dressed in jumpsuits, gloves, boots, and horrifyingly disfiguring blue latex masks. Even though everyone is ready to go, they are still waiting... waiting for the Feds to arrive. As the witnesses tell their stories one by one to the FBI agents who have now taken over, the murderous events unravel before our eyes. It becomes clear, little Stephanie knows something, something about the agents, Hallaway and Anderson. And then two more bodies have been found...". I will let you know if it is any good.

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Sheri said...

That sucks that it was such a bad experience this time around. I love all the HP movies and books. You guys should have complained to the theater. They would have given you all free tickets or a refund. You might still be able to call and complain if you want to do so. :)

LadyStyx said...

I don't think I could have sat in such a small theater. No matter what size theatre, I always insist on an aisle seat, that way I'm not disurbing anyone in case I want to leave (or desperately NEED to leave).

Izzy said...

wow I'm sorry about the experience thats a major drag I have that same problem well not the sweaty palms and such but if I feel like I'm in a small area I cant breathe right and I cant swallow,
I thought it was just dark places in small areas till the adventure done thing and I realized that yeah maybe its not just small looking dark spots becasue I thought about it and I always need a window down in a car I dun care if its 102 out side or 40 below 0 I need circulation.

when I saw harry potter there was no one there it was like still on its first week in theatres and no one was there, 3rd day of release and NO ONE O_o

yes I must know if the movie your watching is any good and I love House I really want to start watching True Blood but I have not the HBO >_<

Jessica♥ said...

I never go to the movies for the same movie twice.
I'm claustrophobic too. But it's more for small tubes and tunnels and such.
NCIS sounds great.

Lee said...

I'm claustraphobic. During Twilight I was lucky enough to sit up front, where most of the seats were empty. The back of the theater was where everyone was sitting.
I hated Harry Potter the first time, so I never would've gone the second time.

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