Saturday, August 29, 2009

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Yup that is the quilt I am going to order. The detailing is so beautiful, and the tiny purple flowers will be such a nice contrast with my blue-green walls. And the price is amazing! Even if I need to get the King size, we are talking 70 bucks!! Awesome deal! I have always wanted a real quilt and I will be the proud owner soon. I just have to wait to order it, until I measure my bed and see what size I'd rather have on it. The choice got down to 2 quilts, this one and a very modern one called Limealicious, which had a bunch of different shades of blues and green (my favorite colors), and was totally me. But this Arianna one is like the other half of me. They were like the two sides of the coin that is Wendy. This one won out because I have been eyeing quilts like this for a long time, and it seems just too gorgeous to pass up. So I forgoed the modern artist Wendy, for the Wendy that likes elegant, antiquey things and embroidery. And I DO love embroidery, and I have never been able to say why that is so, I just find it gorgeous and so elegant. When I order it and I get it, I will take some close-ups so you can see the gorgeous detailing of this quilt! It is amazing! I am so pleased. Penny's had hardly any deals, most things I liked were $120 and up, up, UP! And no, I cannot stand the comforters and quilts that look like Laura Ashley threw up on them. Hideous! So I was searching Amazon and found this cool website through them and Yay!!
I also went to the movies tonight. I needed to get out of the house, so with only like 5 minutes to get to the theater, I grabbed Sam and we went to see The Ugly Truth. We were already 10 minutes late when we parked far away in the pouring rain...and me in flip-flops, OY! And then everyone must have been there tonight before the kids return to school this week because we had to wait in big lines for tickets and some pretzel bites (I was going hypoglysemic)! And it was after 10:45 PM! So now I was positive we missed the beginning of the movie, but when we entered the teeny theater, the title was just put on the screen. So phew. Now there was quite a bit of language/content I am not comfortable with in this movie, but I saw the majority of the content that would bother me most on a website with sneak peeks, and the language was just unaviodable. And I can sit through a movie filled with F this and F that, and am totally densensitized...wait unless the word in being used in a gross way, which it sometimes was in this movie. So my readers, who don't like strong language or inappropriate stuff, this is not for you. I was able to see past the language I loathe, to the movie, and as for the actual movie (minus language crap), it was cute. Butler and Heigl are great at comedy! They are polar opposites who end up realizing they were meant to be, even though he is a chauvanistic pig and she is an uptight prig. So that is great chemistry.

I LOVE Gerard Butler!! And I am SO ready for Gamer and Law Abiding Citizen to get out!! They look fantastic! Even though in the second one, Gerard is supposed to be "bad", I don't agree with that totally. His wife and daughter were murdered and the D.A. makes a deal with one guy so the sentences are like nothing. So Gerard goes back to his "unique" training and is killing people FROM a prison cell. He has had time to plan his revenge, and I am not sure I can blame him. He is taking out bad guys too, so I think I will like him just fine in that movie too. I feel like watching Timeline and Tomb Raider 2 now, just to see more Gerard!! He is hot!

Tommorrow is supposed to pour ALL day, so I hope I get to go see District 9. It sounds intrigueing and I have heard a lot of people say they loved it. So hopefully I will see a movie and order a quilt on the morrow.

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Sarah said...

The language thing is why I was so shocked that you liked Dead Man on Campus.
You are getting "our" rain that we've had the past 2-3 days now...will it ever stop. And yes, it was POURING earlier here. I like the rain, especially because it helps the grass to stay pretty green.

Tori_z said...

Glad you found a quilt you like at a decent price. :)

mama-face said...

I love that you describe the quilt as the other half of you! You MUST get it then! I love quilts; sometimes I think I should change things up and maybe get a comforter...but I always go back to a quilt. Isn't that some information you're glad you know?

Thanks for the movie review! :)

Sheri said...

Yay for finding a quilt you love! :) I wanted to see that movie, but I'll probably just wait to see it on HBO or something.

Speaking of movies I had a weird dream involving Harry Potter last night.... lol

Oh, and Gerard Butler always reminds me of how they say "Because I'm Gerard Butler" on TMZ and they show him all goofy.... lol it is funny stuff

TeeTee said...

The quilt is so pretty!

Kristina P. said...

I love getting new bedding. I think it's time to update ours!

The Boob Nazi said...

I also like Gerard Butler. YEESSS

Lee said...

I need something lighter for my room.
I forget what my mom calls those... it's not a quilt. It's a matlaisse.
That's what she says.

LadyStyx said...

That bedding is simply beautiful!

I think we've all got two sides to ourselves. One is roses and romance and the other is all animal prints and action. It's pretty hard to combine the two.

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