Thursday, November 13, 2008

TOP is Back!!!

Okay first off, anyone who responded to the Comedy Post PLEASE go read my COMMENT, as I made a decision AND want to make sure I made myself clear!! Please...I'll wait right here.

Okay, so how was that? Okay?

Alright on to my post. I watched the first episode of one of my favorite Bravo shows tonight, TOP CHEF is baaaaaack!! I so can't cook like these people but they fascinate me to no extent!! I have watched every season, I love finding my faves AND my "hate you!!!" people!! Please, Steven and Marcel...hello...hated them!! I LOVE watching the weird challenges and recipes these people come up with, most of which I would NEVER put in my bland pallette of a mouth!! But I LOVE to see the judges reactions!! And when they have to spit something makes my day to no end. See, I would TRY my food like some chefs do BEFORE I gave it to Tom Colicchio!! Or Padma!! SHe can be viscious too!! Ahhh LOVE them!!

So I am watching it with my Mom and Kat, and they are going through the introductions of people, we make notes of people that seem hate-able or really cool, etc. This cute lil bald guy comes on, and my Mom is like, yup he's gay for sure...and I was like WHAT? I knew she didn't mean it in any BAD way (rest assured friends she is NOT prejudiced), she was making an observation. Like when the black lady with the wild hair showed up we ALL went "whoa!! Her eyes are FREAKY" because they like pop out of her eyesockets....SCARY!! We said she MUST be related to the news lady on one of our news channels, she has GOOGLE-y eyes too, but she blinks SO much, we have tried to count a few times, but she is WAY too fast. Anyway, on to my reasons for going "WhAT?"!! I was like, WHY do you think that? It wasn't like he was overly flamboyant (like Jack on W&G) or talked any special way that stereotypes. I was like NO, he is not, he is just a cute lil bald cutie...yeah that is what I was thinking too, he was tiny. I decided I loved him right away. I just wanted to squeeze him like a teddy bear! LOL! So when he was almost voted off, I was SO happy it was his friend from school! LOL, I like who I like! And then a group of people proclaimed themselves the gays and lesbians, I am serious, tell them other CHEF fanatics! One person even said they were team rude, I like rainbows too, I can't be in the club?!! Anyway, guess who was there? My lil bald cutie Patrick. I turned to my Mom and was like" HOW did you know that?!!" She just shrugged. Are we really supposed to as "Grace" says, be able to tell? Trying NOT to use the phrase from Will and Grace! I have NO ability then. I only knew the BIG guy was gay because he said "the inner queen in me.." and I knew then. Straight guys don't refer to themselves as queens, so check, he is gay, I get it. My Patrick? CLUELESS.

Anyway, I decided he was my favorite (like I care if someone is gay or not. NOT!!) so when he picked up an item in Chinatown that he had never worked with...I was like NOOOOOOO!! That never ends well!!! Why do you people get so full of yourselves so quickly?! And I was right. He was one of the "losers", and apparently it was SO bad, he and one other cook were the only people asked to go in for the losers of the challenge. Now I TELL you, it should have been the "Mom"!! She said she could have cooked a good Middle Eastern meal if she had a cookbook! So could I!!! She has 20 years experience and SHE said that!! My Patrick? Still in the Culinary Institute!! And they made him "pack his knives and leave"!!! I was furious!! They took my favorite away!! So far I like no one else!! I am loathing the 2 Europeans, thinking they are all better than the American chefs! SO I have found people to boo, but Patrick was so adorable!! *stomps foot* And when he said goodbye to big burly club member? He jumped up and hugged him like a baby koala and his mama!! It was SO cute!! Hmmm maybe I will like the Burly huge guy, cuz it was so sweet!! I am STILL pouting!!*stomps foot*

I LOVE this show!!!

Goodbye my lil cutie Patrick!! *sob*
Isn't he CUTE?!! MAN!!!!

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Kristina P. said...

I LOVE Top Chef. I can already tell that Mr. European is going to be an A-hole. Good times.

Cosmopolite said...

I was in the middle of watching this when I switched to Dead Like Me. So I didn't know how it ended! Haha!

Wendyburd1 said...

Lee!!LOL! Dead Like Me IS better, LOL!

Deb said...

i simply can NOT get involved in another reality show. i am still working my way through shear genius and top model on my dvr (from AUGUST!).

but keep us posted, because i am more than happy to follow along on your blog.

So said...

I don't have bravo so I've never seen this show but it does sound interesting. Sorry your guy got kicked off.

Rychelle said...

i do love me some bravo shows, but never got into this one.

Annette said...

I am so involved in reality shows- it's so bad! My favorite is project Runway and Top Chef. Watched it all on Wednesday. I don't usually pick out my favorites as fast as you. I knew that poor kid was going down once he picked out the BLACK RICE NOODLES!
I also love Top Design, Top Model, The Biggest Looser, and OOH YA, there is this funny cartoon on Cartoon Network called Total Drama Island! So funny it makes fun of all the reality shows. So I can't wait to see who gets booted off a cartoon. DUHHH!
My husband has put his foot down and made Thursdays a reality free night! WHATEVER.. I'll just watch the re-runs later.

Brigitte said...

I can never tell when someone is gay. In fact, I just found out on facebook that one of my old H.S. boyfriends is gay! Seriously. I still think it's a joke cuz ya know...I kissed the guy! He can't be gay!

But I was just reminded of that as I read your post. Kinda random.

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