Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flashback Video and Thoughts On....

HOW DID this ever get so popular?!! It was though, it was always being played, and everyone just adored all I think is...WHY? LOL.

Talking about Mormon-isms, which most are NOT me, so no clue if I am a "proper" Mormon, I don't mind being a rebel Mormon though. Anyway, it made me think about my Seminary days...and how much I HATED THEM. The year I started, Sister Hoeger was replaced by the current Bishop's wife. Now I had really wanted Sister Hoeger (all the kids said how FUN seminary was, so I was really bummed) but I thought it might still be fun. Even though it was at 6 am...My first year it was at the church. On the hard metal chairs around was SO boring. My brother was graduating that year and was allowed to sleep on the floor in the back of the room...I think it was because he was dating the seminary teacher's daughter!! Grrr. Anyway, it was really boring, and I do NOT learn well that way.

Second year, same teacher, now at her house and no more big brother, so my Dad and Jeff's Dad took turns picking us up and dropping us off, since we now lived like 2 minutes from the other. It was in her finished basement and we sat on couches or bean bags, but the lessons were as dry and boring as ever. And again her daughter and son flaunted in when they felt like it, in their P.J.'s. Everyone else was dressed, because when I was dropped off at home, I had like 5 minutes before I had to leave to walk to school. Again I do not learn well this way.

Third Year, new teacher and at her house...all the way in Berlin, so an even longer drive. I was picked up at 5:30 so I had to be up by 5 am. So we could be there for the 6am class and leave by 6:45 at the latest. And get home just in time to grab my books and lunch...and walk to school. She had us seated on her hard dining room chairs around her dining room table...I do not learn well this way, it was just as boring.

Final Year, they move it to the High School, so luckily it was a 8 minute walk for me and Katie, who was starting that year. So we were the freaky students in a homeroom that when kids started showing up and notices us IN a class, they would stare in at us. Yeah that was just great. And the new teacher...the most boring yet, but partial to her son and his buddies. Yeah. So again, I don't learn well like this. Basically I remember nada from Seminary, which is why I want them to make a Dummy's Guide to the Book of Mormon. Reading it also doesn't register with me.

I am a hands on learner. I KNOW I would have retained lots of knowledge from Sister Hoeger. She used bribery (candy!!) if you got answers right....please that is always an incentive with teenagers, and she did things like this: After all my sisters finished with Seminary she was called again. I know, that sucks. One thing she did was bring the class to the Meriden Mall's parking lot and they measured out Noah's cubits and everything!! They were even in the paper. Now that is engaging your students, making learning fun. I NEVER had that. So while I did indeed graduate from Seminary, I hated it. It was worse than any Sunday meeting I have ever been to. And also, Institute, same way as Seminary so no I stopped going, felt NO compulsion to attend, it does not teach me anything! They need to get people to learn in a way where even people who are very visual LIKE me, will understand and get it. At Girl's Camp, I understood what was being taught and loved it! When we did Super Saturdays, LOVED them. Then they stopped and Wendy no learn anymore. How can you learn when you just want to sleep because it is so boring AND you are SO tired. And everything is being done STRAIGHT from the book or manual?!!

You guys who had it as a CREDIT in school are so lucky. A.M. Seminary is SO hard, on top of a regular school days with 8 more periods to go.

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The Boob Nazi said...

My seminary teacher one year yelled at us if we put the scriptures on the floor. Yeah.

the letter Bee said...

When I was a junior, my seminary building burned down. (I didn't do it!)

I think, of course, being a "proper Mormon" has more to do with how you adhere to the doctrines of the church rather than the culturalisms. For example, I think Disneyland and Girl's Camp are of the Devil. But I'm sure you already knew that. LOL

Kristina P. said...

Yeah, one of the good things about being one of those pesky, not real, Utah Mormons is that we got to sleep in and take seminary for 6th period.

Youngblood4ever said...

Oh the stories I could tell about early morning seminary.

BTW- called the hubby in to watch the Gerardo video. He laughed quite a hearty laugh and asked, "WHY did we think that was so cool? I know we did, but why?"

Wendyburd1 said...

It is a question for the ages...why did we think saying "rico suave" was must ponder...possibly 4-ever!!

Rychelle said...

morning seminary WAS hard. i guess that's why i only made it through two years.

Annette said...

Good for you that you went to all four years! I really do admire you! I would have quite the second week of the first year! I didn't realize that the high school kids got up so early and went to someones house instead of a seminary building until I went on my mission! Of course that's when I learned a lot of stuff that I didn't realize!
I am a visiual learner too! I can not pay attention to mere speaches starts to sound like the grownups on Charlie Brown. WA WA WAH WAH! Give me a game a fun visual, fun stories to relate too, some treats and I am there!
I always bring me a water bottle and some snacks! I ALSO HAVE A LITTLE PLANNER that you can down load the scriptures which makes it fun to play with. Who cares what anyone thinks! I am sure nobody even notices! We are all different for a reason!
Girl your comments always make me ramble! Good for you making me think!

Deb said...

how many days a week did you do this?

so institute comes after seminary? and do you get like a certificate or do you HAVE to do this to belong to the church?

clearly, i need that mormon for dummies book.

Mina said...

Seminary was never my favorite. Always at the church, 25 minutes each way. I even had teachers who I liked. Just not at 6am. I don't like much of anyone at 6am.

Never did institute, since I was at the Y. I did like most of the religion classes I took, though. A professor of religion is infinitely more interesting than a CES employee or someone with a calling. No offense. That's just what I've found.

Krissy said...

lol That Rico Suave video. OY! My eyes! lol

Ah yes. Early Morning Seminary. I learn the same way you do - visually. Luckily for me, I had GREAT teachers every year. My mom was one of them for 3 years. lol I was homeschooled and during the last couple years we had to stay at church after seminary was over and do our school - we did a video program that was like 5 hours long (talk about boring. lol) and then usually after that I had to go to work. So I feel your pain, just a little differently. lol

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