Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh My Twilight!!! *spoilers maybe*

Oh my stars!! I just got back a half hour ago from seeing Twilight....I LOVED IT!! I am ready to see it again RIGHT now and plan on owning it the DAY it is released on dvd!! And I haven't even read the series yet, that is how GOOD the movie is!! And I am so going to find myself a "Team Edward" t-shirt and I will wear it PROUDLY!! When I see a really good movie that I loved every single inch of, I get a little giddy, and so when we got home I did Stuart's "Look What I Can Do" dance like 6 times!! Max was looking at me like "Oh Owner you are indeed mad as a hatter!", because I am dead serious, I am giddy to the point where my heart is still racing. I want to see it again right NOW!! I now know what it means to be an "Esme" like the test said I was, and PROUD of it!! I wanna BE a Cullen, they were so fun!! And protective. "Edward picked Bella, now she is family!"....*sighs*....I love romance like this, it rocks!! I want me an Edward of my very own! And sorry haters, but I LOVE Robert Pattinson!! He was SO good and the chemistry he and Kristen Stewart have is sssssssssssssssss HOT!

I for one am dying for the news if they plan on making the other three, because they MUST!! I need to see it, not just hear/read it! My sister Sam has read the first three, she is giving herself time before she reads the last one, she will miss new ones so, and SHE loved it, and said it stayed very true to the book, and she wants to own it too...we were like fine you can own it least I was! I LOVED the casting. I was like that HOT black guy is the "mormon dude on House"!! No figgin way, but yes way, our faux-mormon is ripped!! Too bad his role was a short one! And Sam and I were both like, it's Luke from Joan of a jock, LOL, but he was believable. And I know that Jacob plays a huge role in the other books, but I was like....ehhh I would so pick Edward in a heartbeat, don't care that you turn out to be a werewolf, whatever, you are so not making my heart race. Sandy says in the books after his "transformation" he got ripped and stuff, but I was like "so what are they gonna recast him, after he changes, cuz dude ain't heart-pounding hot, so why root for him as opposed to sweet, HOT, adorably delicious Edward...yeah exactly!

I so wanted to be part of that baseball game, watcher only cuz if that ball hit me, I'd be dead, but it was so FUN and they were all so happy. Stupid bad guys HAD to show up and ruin all the fun! Sure it got the serious stuff started, but I really LIKED the Cullen family and they were not in it as much as I would have liked. They are so intriguing too, I just wanna go over to their house, not be dinner, and stare in awe at them. I LOVE Alice I am hoping we do get to see her and Bella become great friends! I was so ready for Edward to let Bella turn, but I know, I know, there ARE 3 more books (hopefully movies) to go. But a girl can dream can't she?

And the cameo by Stephenie Meyers? So cute, that means she did like the movie version, they never do that for ones they HATE! I am still STILL waiting for the library to call me and tell me they got Twilight on cd in, cuz I have the other 3 on my IPOD, and am now VERY tempted to start listening to Book 2, but I want to hear book one first I DO, but I am now obsessed!! I KNOW what happens, in a very abridged version, in the end, I forced my Mom to tell me, and I want to get to that point, so I can be....satisfied....there that doesn't reveal anything.

And I have read that Stephenie was sad to say goodbye to the characters but hello, what about the other characters? They can have books TOO!! I have just been introduced to them, but I would love an Alice series, or Mr. Cullen can "adopt" another kid and they can find some grand romance!!

I LOVED this, LOL, I guess you can definitely tell, I could go on and on forever. And I now don't think you people are crazy for having Forks t-shirts,etc, cuz i would proudly wear one across these grand chest's too! That...wherever they filmed the movie, was GORGEOUS, i wanna go see those woods and forests, it was heaven on earth!! It was just so lovely.

All you Robert haters out there be warned, he has a new fan and I will jump to his defense always and forever now! He had me at first brood!!

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Anonymous said...

The book is so much better!

Cosmopolite said...

I'm not a Robert hater! Just a dirty-robert hater! He doesn't look edwardy when he's dirty!

Mary said...

The book is amazing...wait for it! I was able to buy the Twilight for less than $7.

Kristina P. said...

Nothing will ever convince me to be a Robert lover.

Glad you enjoyed it. I have a feeling my review isn't going to be so positive.

Annette said...

You need to read the books slowly and savor every word. You make me really want to see the movie. I want to wait until the craze is over.

Wendyburd1 said...

Annette we went at 10:15 pm on Sunday night, and we even went to the stadium seat theatre and there was like 12 people...we were SO relieved!

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