Monday, November 17, 2008

Newest Tag I have ever Seen!!

I was tagged by Stacey at Taylor Tidbits so here I go. This is one I have NOT seen before, so should be fun!! Don't ask me what happened to number 4...I am going with the "flow". LOL!!

1) Show both hands in writing something.

I am right handed...take a WILD guess which one is my right hand. My left...well I am SO not ambidextrous....obviously.

2) list 5 of your 50/50's..

  1. Outback and Olive Garden. I LOVE the Chicken with Gnocchi and adored the Chicken Milanese while they had it. But I LOVE the Filet Mignon and Baked potato soup, so I love both equally!

2. Sandra Bullock and Reese Witherspoon. These ladies are BOTH excellent actresses and I love them both. Sandra can be funny and serious (Practical Magic, 28 Days, Murder by Numbers,etc.) and so can Reese (Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama, Walk the Line,etc.) so I can't possibly pick which I like better!!

3. The Golden Compass movie and Stardust. LOVE both, both are full of magic and COOL effects and things. I want to see magic and fallen stars...and Deniro as a gay pirate, but I want a Daemon as half my soul too! Mine is a Lion named Remis...I took the test OKAY!! They are just both ROCKIN' movies and SOOOO good!!

4. Cadbury Fruit & Nut Bars and Milky Way bars. Le's face it, each has the best of both Worlds!! Cadbury has raisins and almonds in it's luscious chocolate. And Milky Way has nougatty goodness and caramel in a milk chocolate shell!! Who could choose between these two?? I want both!!

5. Ireland or New Zealand. Which to visit someday first. I am 1/4 of each, both are gorgeous. How to choose...seriously look at these pics!!

3) 5 pet peeves

  1. Judgemental, RUDE people. (You don't KNOW me!)
  2. Also, like Stacey, stepping into something WET when you have socks on!! Agghhh!!
  3. People who are only your friend, when it SUITS them.
  4. People talking when their mouth's are full. Yuck!!
  5. When it takes people an hour to tell a 2 minute story....get to the POINT!!!

5) 5 things that don't mix well.

1. Fruit and Sandwiches. I HATE fruit inside sandwiches, sure LOADS of people love it, but I do not want cranberry IN my turkey sandwich, or apple slices on a meat sandwich, it is just WRONG. And people DO love this, I waitressed at Weezie's restaurant, and 2 of the most popular sandwich were the Talking Turkey (turkey,cranberry sauce,stuffing,mayo,lettuce,etc) and Pop-Pop's Pork Sandwich (pork,apple slices,apricot chutney,lettuce,mayo,etc)...NOOOO!! Fruit and sammies BAD!!

2. Camera's and Ambien....see one of my last posts. Enough said.

3. Wendy and No-Doze. I took this driving one of the cars from Florida back home to Connecticut. That is when the new, Wendy can only drive short distances started. I FALL asleep at the wheel even if I had just slept 14 hours!! So I took this...MISTAKE. I was SO wired I was shaking, it was so SCARY, I felt out of my mind, I was like vibrating off the seat! No more for Wendy!

4. Mashed Potatoes and Ketchup. Seriously, my sister Kat has done this and it GROSSES me out to no end. It is WRONG! Mashed Potatoes and Gravy people. Maybe even butter sometimes. But never ketchup!!

5. French Fries with Jelly. My sister's friend from Washington State does this, or with mayo. And I love all three things....seperately though. *gags*

I will go and Tag people directly on their websites. Hah, so they don't see it coming!! Mwahahah!

PLEASE click on the on TUESDAY, November 18th to vote for this week's best entry in Shelle's "Don't You Hate It When" contest...!!!Vote for my movie drama!! Sure there are some funnier ones, but you KNOW me!! LOL!!

17 meaningful meanderings:

The Boob Nazi said...

I LOVE IRELAND. It's so beautiful. I love it almost as much as I love Scotland. I actually have a picture of the Northern Ireland coast on my dresser... Soooooooooo beautiful. You just made me happy. :)

*MARY* said...

EW! Mashed potatoes and ketchup!? I don't know why I find that so disgusting because french fries and ketchup work fine together, but mashed potatoes. YUCK!

Kristina P. said...

I am one of those people who love fruit in their sandwiches. Seriously.

And Amanda and I both love Reese Witherspoon. She is pocket sized, as Amander would say.

in time out said...

this was so good. a great tag. funny. I love sandra and reese too. they would be my two most fav. something in common. cool

Mina said...

I like the midnight milkyways. Dark chocolate, yummy.

There isn't tons of fruit I like on a sandwich, but a deli where I used to live had this great turkey with cranberry mayo. so, blended up and mixed in there. Maybe that's not really considered fruit anymore, but it was good.

Jillene said...

I would love to go to Ireland and or New Zealand too!!

Mashed potatoes and ketchup?! I am throwing up in my mouth just thinking about it!!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

What a great blog you have here :)

Annette said...

GIRL.. She got me too! THEN YOU tagged me! So I will get this done and let you know.
I am part Irish and I joke all the time that I am a Polynesian with white freckles ( I really do think I was a Samoan in my first life) So I am all over Ireland and New Zeland.

Whitney R said...

This is an interesting tag! It looked fun. My whole family except me and my sister (and my bro,Nathan who was on his mish) went to New Zealand right after my bro, Kevin got home from his mission there. I felt so deprived. So upset I couldn't go. I am still bitter about it.

Rychelle said...

i do like french fries with mayo. i learned about the combo while i lived in germany. it's way bad for you, but it tastes good.

Donna said...

I really liked The Golden Compass too. I read the whole trilogy and I thought the movie was great. Stardust was good too, I agree. And I love Milky Ways, esp. Milky Way Midnights--the dark chocolate ones. They are to DIE for. And finally, I'm part Irish too and like you, I can't wait to go to Ireland someday!

Mary said...

I went to HS in WA state....and the jelly and french fries thing is something I have never heard of. Everyone dips their pizza (and everything else) in ranch...but that was the weirdest thing I ever saw

Brigitte said...

I've never seen either one of those movies.... maybe I'll add them to my queue.

And mashed potatoes and ketchup? That is just wrong.

in time out said...

haven't gotten to the tag yet....but i am excited to do it. thanks for coming back to my site. i love your comments. love the song today too. happy blogging.

in time out said...

this tag takes a while ♥ mine will be coming....someday (soon hopefully) maybe after finals. okay...blogging and no sleep is the top of my two things that don't go well together. just thought I would say hi, or high, or whatever...

in time out said...

wendy, I FINALLY did the tag. and i linked to you. to your tag so....thanks for the fun. sorry to be so late on it...i am laughing because i forgot your answers and I LOVE are so funny. plus i did Sandra Bullock and Drew Barrymore...but i almost did her too...okay.. hope you are having a happy day.


in time out said...

people are going to know I am crazee, when they read my tag and then see my stalker like comments.

so funny...and I forgot I had said blogging and no sleep....does blogging after surgery count, and make me not responsible for my commenting...hmmmmm

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