Monday, November 3, 2008

Everyday's a Holiday with Wendyyyyyyy.....Yeah I am ripping OFF Mary Poppins Song...

Well my tummy is still swelled with the sugary goodness of all the candy we did not pass out to trick-or-treaters...and consumed ourselves. It is going to be sad in the morning when my Mom takes ALL the leftovers to work...apparently candy is a HUGE incentive to nurses and CNA's,etc. when you are trying to teach them. Stinking health professionals, stealing all the UMMY 3 Musketeers and Butterfingers and Twix...and so much more! Don't they know, I adore the chocolatey dust left on my fingers as I type a blog? It leaves a wondeful reminder of what letters I use the most dang-it! Don't they know the sugar gives me a REAL pick-me-up when needed? I think they DO! It's not like they don't have their own candy at home...or children to steal it from...yes I know you mothers and fathers out there "inspect" the candy...a LOT!

And now it is November, time to get the Turkey decorations out! MMM Thanksgiving! Turkey and potatoes and stuffing, OH MY!

And in 15 days it will be my 3 year Anniversary since my WL surgery. That sounds SO weird. I remember all the details so vividly so it FEELS like it could be NO more than maybe a year ago! But three years, so strange!

And then Turkey Day, and okay I am a wee bit of a Christmas Decoration Nazi...they must be UP before December 1st, so the weekend after Thanksgiving, I will be forcing my mother and sisters into getting all like 20 boxes down and putting the decorations up. I even took pictures last year of where we had everything...WHAT?! I thought it might be helpful, we often put them in the same place, but have to scratch our heads to remember WHERE. Now we don't have to! I just have to remember WHERE that dang cd is that I saved the pics on...they were too many to leave on ALL year! Man, LOL.

And then we will have Christmas, which I love, but is one of the hardest times of the year for me...I will probably post a blog on why. It's just a lot happened in December, and not good happenings, but I still love the Holiday Season. Christmas music...I have it unchecked on my ipod but as soon as Turkey Day...or dinner is over, I will re-sync my ipod with the music checked. I need to get me a copy of Dominic the Donkey...and I swear I heard a funny one about an elephant or a hippo...can't remember. Oh and of course my fave FUNNY Christmas songs by Bob Rivers, like the "12 Pains of Christmas"...heeheehee...LOVE it. My mom wants a x-mas list by not good...I only know some dvd's. All year long I go Ohhh Ohhh I want that...and then list time (b-day or christmas) comes and POOF! they all disappear from my brain!! And I have to think of gifts from the heart, this thing we do...hmmm another post idea, YAY! I hope I remember that. And December 1st, we get a Secret Santa...between us and mr brother and sister-in-law in Minnesota.

Ahhhh I have the pellet stove on, a nice baby fire, so I can't tell (mostly) that it is 27 degrees outside. Max is sleeping in a ball against my left side, and I am about to watch All My Children.

So let the holiday season commence!!

3 meaningful meanderings:

Mother Goose said...

well, at least you wait for november to be over and then out comes all the goodness! what up with those health nurses needing chocolate for motivation?? LOL

this was a good post to read!

Rychelle said...

it's a jolly 'oliday with mary....
that song is running through my head now ;)

Mary said...

My favorite part of the holidays is when a local radio station plays nothing but Christmas music!!!! I LOVE Christmas music...nothing can brighten my day more. I can't wait!

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