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Yup, that's right, I believe I am an oxymoron. I couldn't live without air conditioning, dvd's and microwaves, but sometimes I feel like I was meant to be around in the 1950's and '60's too. Sure I know, a big reason I feel this way, is the way I was raised. Us kids were brought up listening to the music my parents liked. Anytime we worked in the yard,etc., it was all oldies all the time. And I never minded. I love oldies/classics! I love Archie comics, the idea of malt shoppes, poodle skirts and classic cars like the '57 Chevy, are my favorite cars. Fins and two-tones, that's what I love in a car. I am dead serious, this is a picture of my dream car, color and all.
So I was definitely influenced by my parents love of music, what cars my Dad talked about and seeing lots of black and white movies with my Mom. But you get to a point where you don't have to like the stuff your parents did, and you definitely don't have to listen to THEIR stations anymore. Well I hit that age a LONG time ago, and nothing has changed. I program the oldies station here in CT on anything I buy or drive. I love the Beach Boys, the Everly Brothers, The Dell Vikings and sooooo many more. I have a crush on Frank Sinatra, James Dean and Cary Grant. I adore Ginger Rogers and Betty Grable. Marilyn Monroe is an idol, I have all sorts of stuff with her pictures or movies on them. And I go around singing songs like "Stagger Lee" and "Sherry". I watch all the older musicals, Oklahoma and Brigadoon. I am obsessed with "Frankie and Annette"!!

Yet I am also singing "Complicated" and "Beautiful Girl". Watch The Matrix and Harry Potter. I have crushes on Johnny Depp, Paul Walker and Keanu Reeves. And I adore Sandra Bullock, Jessica Alba and Sarah Michelle Gellar. I loved Chicago and Mamma Mia, and have the best Top 40 stations programmed. So don't tell me I am not an Oxymoron. Maybe it was the way I was raised, maybe I could have lived in a different time, maybe just naming me Wendy made me this way (I mean my Dad's reason, my Mom has a totally different reason). The music I have shared so far, doesn't show all my love of music. SO I will probably post ALL the different ones I love. Including this:

To me, it's like, how can you NOT love the classics? And I go back even further, I love Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin,etc. One of my favorite movies of all time is "Singin' In the Rain"! I bet the name Deanna Durbin is foreign to most everyone but I adore her and her voice and movies. My sisters and I, up to it breaking down about 10 years ago, still used the record player and listened to my Dad's precious collection and to records we got from Pop, my mom's Dad, who got collections from Time-Life.
So yes, I think I officially MUST be an oxymoron. And do I mind? Not at all. :)

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Jillene said...

OH MY GOSH!! Are our parents realated some how? HELLO--I was reading that thinking--that is me!! I love the oldies and we listen to them on 8-track in my dad's 1965 Mustang (still to this day). I love classic moveis and actors--holy crap--are you sure we aren't related?! If not I am glad that we are friends--we were meant to be friends!!

Me said...

You are a girl after my own heart. I long for a 1967 Ford Mustang ShelbyGT 500. But I would settle for a pink carmengia. Oh the memories.

It all rings so close to home. I was raised listening to The Beatles, Styx, Eric Clapton, Chicago, Boston. But as I sit and listen to Jason Mraz, Akon or Fergie so does my dad. So I guess it goes both ways.

Kristina P. said...

I used to listen to oldies much more than I do now.

And we do read the book reviews for book club! But one person picks each month, and what is interesting to one person may not be interesting to another. This book was also sold as something different in the reviews.

Deb said...

yes! you are an oxymoron and i love it. it is interesting how we really are influenced by our parents. we either embrace their preferences or rebel against them. it's fun to see how i am influencing MY kids.

your post reminds me of one of the reasons i LOVE satellite radio. iTunes is good, but you kind of have to know what you are looking for. but with satellite, i will just be driving down the road listening to the 70's station, when lo and behold a great tune will come on that i haven't heard in years.

So said...

I love that you know what you like!

I'm not too big on oldies. I don't hate them though.

Love that car and the color of it!

Annette said...

You are a funny and clever chick! Thanks for looking at my ever so boring blog. Sorry my contest didn't peek your interest.
You should make your sister clean her own freak'n room - thats for sure! If you can persuaded her to do it (clean it herself) with the prize you are more than welcome to enter her filthy room.

I know what you mean about being stuck in an era. I should have lived in the late 70's early 80's. OOOH wait I did! But I wasn't old enough to appreciate it!

I so love, love, love Bing Crosby and Dorris Day! I love White Christmas and Pillow talk. I do believe it is also because what my parents loved when I was growing up. Bing Crosby is a must during Christmas time. I become very nostalgic and love YOUR era during tha Holiday season!

p.s. You should have seen my baby shaking her booty to the gummy bear song! I hope it is not a pre-cursor of her future vocation!

Mina said...

I hate to disagree with you, but I don't think you're an oxymoron. I think you're normal. (of course who knows with my definition of normal) I think most of us have varied tastes. A lot of it depends on our parents, where we grew up, our friends, both old and current, and even at some point our kids.

I'm with you. I could listen to Robert SHaw and CCR and Foreigner and the B52s and the Spin DOctors and John Mayer and even the Jonas Brothers (there's my girls' music) all in the same afternoon and be totally happy. And that's just one playlist. Having an iPod makes this kind of life so much easier than having a juke box.

Whitney R said...

Oh. Jaren wishes he lived in the 50's. And that mostly comes when he watches Mad Men.

Anonymous said...

I wish there was such a thing as a time machine so I could visit the 1930s, 1940s, and the 1950s to experience that era first hand. Thankfully, us modern people can still enjoy the great songs and movies of that time by listening to recordings on CD & DVD. My favourite artist is Deanna Durbin. I have seen all 21 of her movies! And believe it or not, this year alone, 11 new albums have been released with her gorgeous voice for fans to enjoy. For those who are interested, I have started a tribute website for Deanna Durbin filled with precious memories. Many photos, music clips, and even complete movies. All visitors are welcome! So best wishes to all of us who appreciate the values and talent of the good old days.


Wendyburd1 said...

Welcome Alex and Annette!! Yeah my sister is a bedroom is pretty immaculate, I can't SLEEP in irks me. LOL

LOVE LOVE Deanna Durbin movies!! It Started with Eve and Three Smart Girls are my fave, but I haven't been able to get my hands on ALL of them!

Brigitte said...

I LUV the oldies! Total classics. I sometimes wonder what the kids of tomorrow will view as "The Classics." will it be what we view as classics, or the new stuff I'm lovin right now?

Whew.... how's that for deep thinking?! haha.

Oh and I really love that car! Totally diggin the color too. :)

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