Sunday, November 9, 2008

Need March to get here!!

Hmmm what to write about today...I have some nothing interesting today. LOL. Ate a warm home cooked meal, for ONCE, watched an episode of last season's Ghost Whisperer. So I decided to take a cue from Whitney, and just write, surely something will pop into my brain worth pondering. Ohhhh....oops sorry a Supernatural commercial was just on, love my my Jensen Ackles. Own all three previous seasons...LOVE it. LOL.

Anyway, this is a lot harder than Whit made it seem. She started writing and BAM, it was a post about her adorable sister. And no, don't wanna copy and my 2 lil sis's aren't blog worthy to me today...boooorrrring. We have started trying to nail the details down on our Florida vacation. The parents both put in for the same 2 weeks in March, so we are gettin' down and dirty, yeah!! We all need this vacation so bad.

So now my Dad wants to make sure we get the house I found us that we have used the last 2 years. We were worried, with the economy being so bad, the house would be crazy more expensive but it only went up $50 since last year. Maybe because the owner is in England, I don't know, I am just HAPPY!! He allows dogs, it is 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, pool and spa, washer dryer, full kitchen etc. 2 Weeks is $1850 including pool heat and taxes. YES!! Seriously look at this house!!

That last pic is the room I stay in. It's the second master bedroom at the end and has it's OWN bathroom!! For two weeks out of 52 I have my own bathroom, and it stays IMMACULATE!! If only I had my own now...if I ever win the lottery or anything...personal bathroom is at the top of the list. I get the second master suite because I FOUND/FIND the houses, so the communicating with the owner, book the plane tickets, etc etc. SO I deserve it. My Dad and Mom both snore, so my Mom gets the master suite, My Dad sleeps in the other twin bedroom, and likes to use the extra bed as his...closet/desk. Yeah it is scary to go in there after he "moves" in.

And having a heated pool, it is my calm place. It's an actual scenario my Mom uses to get me relaxed, describes me floating in the warm water, with cool rain drops falling on my face as I look up into the blue clouds....yeah ohhhhhmmmmmm. LOL.

And I save and SAVE up all my money so that basically I have 2 weeks of retail therapy. It's like my favorite part!! I go everywhere, flea markets, Disney village, outlets and the Florida Mall, which is HUGE. And has stores SOOO not in CT. Rip Curl and Bare Essentuals, and just lots of cool stores you only find in Florida or maybe the Mall of America, which I am still annoyed we didn't go to the one time I went to Minnesota...dang my brother!! Getting married so we had to be there and not bring us to the biggest Mall in America!! So yeah, I am getting excited. And don't make fun of me but I start to get antsy as soon as January arrives. Last year I MADE myself wait to I waited and waited...and then was packed a month in advance...I DID wait, that is as far as I could wait! I have a typed up list...always bring too much. I can't stop myself. My suitcase weighed too much AGAIN, had to rearrange my other suitcase, yeah I have a ginormous one and a small one I check really worried about this whole charging for a second bag!! I will need it, at least for bringing stuff HOME, I really retail therapy shop!!

Well it looks like I did find something to talk about, LOL!!

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Alyson (New England Living) said...

That is so cool! We want to go to Disneyworld someday soon. I grew up going to Disneyland all the time. I miss my Disney!

Kristina P. said...

We were just talking about Florida and Disneyworld at Book Club. I would love to go. The house looks great!

Whitney R said...

I like your new signature. Could go for me, too :)

Oh, your Florida vacay sounds like a dream. We rent a beach front home in Oregon every summer. But I would lOOOoove somewhere WARM. :)

Cosmopolite said...

Personal bathroom - definitely important. And heated pool, score! I usually try to find a hotel with a heated pool when I go out, since I don't even have a pool at my house.
And I think once I finish up my paper about those plays I'll write an indepth post about it. (:

Me said...

Awww the joy a vacation can bring! You lucky lucky gal. I LOVE Florida. Not too fond of the heat and humidity, but Disney World really is the happiest place in the world! Take me with you?

Donna said...

That place looks awesome, and the price is awesome too. Lucky! We're probably going to have to cancel our winter vacation plans in the Caribbean because of the tanking economy. Darn it all!

Anonymous said...

Love the vay-cay house. What a dream vacation!

Wendyburd1 said...

It is the best 2 weeks of the year...and SO far away!! My fingers are freezing as I am typing this...warm palm tree days...lucky Wendy2 is on a cruise!! Let us all bask in the jealousy!

Oh no! I am losing readers...what have I done? My comments are way down. I swear I haven't changed...uhh I think...right? My loyal readers rock!*sniffle*

Krissy said...

Oh maaaaaaaaaaan... I'm so jealous. Retail therapy is always soothing. Once husband and kids enter the picture though..... pppth. Gone. *sigh* I need to be rich. lol I'm like you too - I pack WAY in advance! LOL I can't help it!!

Paige said...

There is nothing like a vacation to look forward to to fix my attitude---maybe that is what is wrong with me, I do not have one scheduled until JUNE!

And I am really warming up to the idea of a 2 week vacation....I have not done that in a long time.

Have fun on your trip!

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