Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snowy Wednesday

Today we had a major snow storm. I woke up from falling asleep in front of the TV, he followed me, and I couldn't say no so I let him sleep with me. Which drives me nuts. He doesn't want me to move, he likes to cuddle behind my knees, so it is hard. I am a flipper too, so it kept making me wake up not being able to. Then he returned, from where I do not know, and was shaking so I had to wake up and let him outside, so my sleep was terrible. But I didn't even hear the thunderstorm that was accompanied by lightning! My poor Max is terrified by them! And my Dad and Katie said it was a strange sight to see as they snow blowed the driveway and sidewalks. How odd, a thunder and lightning storm with snow!

I have the dentist at 3pm tomorrow. Yuck. Then I might drive over to the mall, hoping it will still be light out when I get out, so I can look for some presents for my Mom. Dad cannot shop for her, he isn't too good at it, and he asks for help. So I am going to look for earrings and maybe some Christmas pins, she loves wearing them and says she is tired of hers. And she has a lot! Plus I have regular errands I put off for sugar cookies. So I have to drive, which made me curl my lips JUST now. Not okay. But Mom and Dad working, Katie will stay to take care of Sam, so that leaves no one to go with me. So it is what it is.

So that is all that really went on today. Snowstorms do that. I love snow, just wish I could have enjoyed it today. There was just too much other stuff to think about so, snow again soon!

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Tori_z said...

It's a shame you weren't able to enjoy the snow.

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