Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pigs, Blue People and Shells

Okay so I am going to TRY and make myself briefer, as I tell you what has been going on the last 2 days. Because it is officially Christmas Eve DAY and well I want to relax and prepare myself for family time and exchanges, etc. Christmas can be the "most wonderful time of the year", but it can also be super stressful, as I experienced later this evening. So I want to tell you about Tuesday and Wednesday, but be less detailed, just for the holiday season being ON us now, okay?

Okay so on Tuesday I went and picked up Hannah, and dang, it was freaking COLD. We drove over to A.C. Moore to look for a craft. We circled the store once and found NOTHING. And we were like willing to make the lamest of projects, we just wanted ONE! And it was packed man, I have never seen it so busy before! The second time around we found these tiny piggy bank kits that came with glitter glue and paints and stickers, so we got two of those and this kids bracelet book, that came with enough for 2 bracelets, I picked up too. Then we braved the LONG lines and got back to the now frigid car.

We drove over to Tokyo Sushi and as usual, it was dead. They just are never busy. So as people who do NOT like crowds, it was perfect. I ordered my usual, chicken and vegetable tempura, I so love that. Hannah got pork dumplings and she decided to brave a new sushi roll. It is called the GODZILLA roll! I know...scary!! I took a picture, as it was very colorful and I was just in awe someone ate that and found it delicious. She loved it!

It was really fun making her GET the Japanese soda she was so hoping they had. She has tried their original flavor, which apparently tastes like melted gummi bears, but she got to try peach and she adored it. I was fascinated as she "made" it, you end up with a clear marble in the top half of the bottle which seems to cause the carbonation! So cool looking, I wish I could drink carbonated things!!

Then we went back to my house and the meeting of Max began. He was so loud and barking non-stop for 10 minutes, but because she was on his level and being nice to him and talking to him, he calmed down after that. So much so that all night long, since she smells of her dog Crusher, Maxie was trying to "make babies" with her arm. Luckily she found it hysterical and he didn't get TOO fresh. He even played fetch and gave her his belly, and he was like SCORE, I found another belly scratcher!! He was so good after the first 10 minutes...except for the occasional arm loving thing...oy. LOL. We did our crafts and they turned out so cute! Here is Hannah's pirate pig and my Indian Princess pig:

And here is a pic of parts from my bracelet and one of part of Hann's bracelet, I love the Kapow, lol!

Then after we played with Max more, we watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which Hannah had never seen before! I know! She knows! She has no idea why she had never seen it. But she really liked it and I, as always, LOVED it! Then we talked a bunch and Katie, since she was up, drove us back over to Hannah's to drop her off around 4 am. I got home, talked to my Mom for a few, Max followed and stayed with Mom, she loved that! He stayed until she woke up for work, so she was so happy with him! LOL! Then I showered and took my pills and zonked out.

On Wednesday, my Dad and I had our Daddy/Daughter Day. We went and saw Avatar! *arms flailing* It was SO good!! I knew it looked more promising as I saw better commercials, but you have no idea how good it is until you see it! It is so much more story driven than I thought it would be. It is not all attacks and battles, which there ARE, but it is so much more about the amazing story! I loved it! Will Jake Sully get his legs back by giving up all the Navi's secrets? Or will he change sides and fight for these alien creatures, on their gorgeous and so cool planet? And even if he sides with them, will they want his help? It is the story and the characters that I loved the most. And obviously, the world of Pandora, was absolutely amazing, and I am in awe of the creators! If yu had doubts about going to see this movie, stop the doubts and GO and see it!

After the movie, which was long, I love that, it made me feel the money was worth it, we went out to dinner. We went to Chili's, chattering because it was so cold, and had yummy food. I thought the salad was the best part for some reason and also had a burger bite and a south-western egg roll. My Dad picked from my plate too and we took my left overs home. We talked about stuff from the movie to the accident, etc. It was a really fun time.

Then we got home, and all of a sudden, the fact that it was 10pm, and I still had to make stuffed shells, un-tarnish my silver jewelery, take a shower, etc, made me freak. I was having stomach pains, I was so stressed out. And then I realized I had never bought the mozzerella cheese, so at 11pm at night I had to drive down to the grocery store, which was NOT fun. I am not okay driving, I don't know when I will be, and now with snow and black ice? I am terrified. And the fact that no one offered to go with me? Was like the last straw. So when I got home and found my Mom boiling the shells for me, I was quiet until she finally was like what's wrong, and then I was sobbing. Part of it probably is that I have been doing stuff non-stop since Saturday. And it just got to be too much. So she hugged me and then we made the shells together and she helped me with my jewelery. Then we sat for a bit and she told me about her BAD day at work and then I took a shower and said goodnight when I got out as she was reading in bed, and Max was with her and still IS!! He is being a Momma's boy, maybe he knows she is tired and had a bad day. He is good with that sort of thing.

So that was my last two days! And it is officially Christmas Eve Day!! Have a good one, people!!

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Kristina P. said...

Merry Christmas, Wendy!

Sheri said...

I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas! :)

Tori_z said...

What a hectic couple of days! Still, it sounds like you mostly enjoyed - apart from the having to go out driving on your own to get the cheese part.

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