Saturday, December 5, 2009


I am tired and as it is a Saturday and only us die hard bloggers even check posts on weekends, I think that a short post will be okay.

I went over to my friend Hannah's yesterday. We spent about 12 hours together. I left her house around 5:30am, because she was actually tired. She is a night owl too, so if she is sleepy, I was not gonna stand in the way of that. It was as I drove back home that I realized I was tired too, so it was like the perfect time to end the fun. I did not like driving but I made it to Hannah's and I made it home. Now I don't want to drive until I have to again. The headlights freak me out the most, every set I see, I fear will be heading straight towards me.

Anyway, we played trivia games, as we are trivia fanatics. We watched a scary Christmas movie, which she loved...well except for when the dog is killed...he was not a nice doggie though! And then her sister Molly got home and totally scared the crap out of us, she was suddenly in the window!And we just talked. A LOT. And it was great, we found out we have even more in common, and it was just so easy talking with her, especially about things that she gets too! You don't realize how nice it is to have someone totally get what you mean, until you find someone who does. I mean, my Mom totally gets me, and she IS my BFF, but to find someone else besides family to talk to, who gets me and doesn't judge me and just wants to be a good friend? Awesome. We talked about a little bit of everything, some things only we love, family, friends from the past, etc. We just had a really good talk. It was so weird, me talking that much to someone who isn't immediate family. I can on here, but I don't have to look anyone in the face you know? But we were able to get past our respective shy gene and just talk and laugh. So it was a good day.

It was SO cold when I left, I was freezing and so regretting NOT bringing my scarf, hat and gloves. And when I got to the car I realized I was going hypo-glycemic...again! Second time that night! So I was freezing as I drove, shoving peanut butter crackers in my mouth from my purse. When I got home I realized I was spent. I went in, Max was so mad I smelled like another dog, talked to my Mom for a few so she knew I was home, etc. Then I changed into my PJ's, ATE so I wouldn't go hypo again and took my pills and was asleep before All My Children was over!! I know it was only because I was suddenly exhausted that I fell asleep for the first time, quickly, in like 2 weeks. But it made me so happy I fell asleep. As much fun as we both had, I know we both had nerves going, and anxious moments, they are there even when you are having a good time, so our day made me have a GREAT, LONG sleep! LOL!I slept like forever!! So good!LOL.

Okay that is all you get to know. Like I said, we can talk to EACHOTHER about a lot, stuff I would never tell anyone else probably, besides my Mom or family. And stuff that is just between friends. So you get the gist though. Our friendship is going good. I am really glad, we are good for the other. We both think so. So yay to things going well, and I can only hope they continue to go well. Now I am spent and want to snuggle with Max as it is so cold tonight! It is 29.86 out. Brrr!

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The Boob Nazi said...

29.86 degrees? Why .86??

Sarah said...

It was 15 degrees when I left work yesterday morning...I'd take 29 :) Oh, also, it's a really slow leak, no obvious holes in the air mattress. I refuse to buy another one. I may be unemployed at months end and we'd NEVER use it again so I will have to deal with it.

I totaled my car back in 1998. It was MY fault, my mistake. I haven't had so much as a ticket since then. I hope that you guys take it easy on the driver, everyone makes mistakes and I'm sure he's paying in other ways. Accidents happen all of the time. Tis' the season for forgiveness, especially if you're religious :)

I'm happy that you found a new friend that you like so much!

gleenn said...

lovely to have great friends ;) i can't even imagine how freezing that temperature could be.

btw, we're having a skin care give away at Creative fashion worth $150. very few has participated so there's a big chance of winning.

Tori_z said...

Glad things are going so well between the two of you! :)

Anonymous said...

....Now I want peanut butter crackers...

Sounds like an awesome night! I love getting together with friends who are so easy to hang out with!

Izzy said...

its good to know you found a good freind and I'm glad you both got over you shyness and had fun.
also I like the fact you found another night owl thats grand i stay up till odd hours and most everyone else is a sleep I just stay up and play video games...
:/ lol

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