Thursday, December 3, 2009

Weezie's Baby Shower

Saturday the 21st was Weezie's baby shower for her future lil girl Zoey. I was in so much pain the day after the New Moon party I stayed home when they went out baby stuff shopping, though I made sure to mention "Remember Weezie loves green!". It was moot anyways because they decided to get what she really wanted so they bought a LOAD of stuff from her Target Registry. It was all so cute!!

The party was a brunch so look at the lay out of food!! Mmm!

There were plenty of people when we got there, including Weezie looking radiant. And then Hannah and her Mom got there and I was like Hannah!! I was psyched we got this chance to see the other again so soon! I was wondering if we would find it easy to talk again or if we'd shy up. I had my Mom and sisters ditch the table we were at so we went and sat with Hannah and Nay. Hannah really liked them too, she says she wished she had invited them to the party too. Awww. That is what they said actually. I told her I was glad it happened the way it did, or I might have used them as a crutch. So if a future party happens, I think they will be invited, but I am glad it happened as it did.

We got to hold Weezie's niece Gretchen! I could only hold her for a minute, even though she is like 8 punds and is 3 months old, it hurt to hold her, which made Sandy over the moon. And Katie. This was the first time they got to see Gretchen so they were in baby heaven!

So we had brunch and then Weezie opened her presents. She loved everything! She got things she needed. See Zak's Mom has an almost 2 year old, but he is the last so they got ALL of CJ's stuff, cribs, etc. It was clothes and everyday things like diapers, etc she needed. So we got her all clothes and botties, so cute! She got some handmade gorgeous stuff too. I got a little overwhelmed with people so I went and sat against the wall. Hannah told me I should have told her, she was feeling the same and we could have escaped. I wish I had! Mom was in pain too and was ready to leave, but Hannah and I were actually talking again so Nay said she's drop me off. So I got to stay and hang out with Hannah and Weezie and Zak, etc. Mostly Hannah. I got Sam to take two pics before they left, because I had gotten none of us together at the party!

We got to chat about the party and how we were proud of how good we both did, as shy as we are. Then we got to watch the antics of Weezie and Zak try out some of their new products on poor lil Gretchen who had been happily asleep in Nay's arms.

Don't know what this was called but it had a tray attachment too. She seemed content in it though, isn't she a cutie?!!

But then they pulled this other thing out that they were SO excited about. It is basically a baby harness thing, but I swear you need to know origami to do the different ways to hold a baby!! Zak was quite happy to be the guinea pig as you can see!

It only took like 20 minutes and 4 people to put it on him...oy vey.

Hannah and I went out to the church couches to talk and then it was time to leave. As they drove me home, Nay was really understanding too and got what I was referring to about another friend, so I was sad to see my street loom ahead. I wish we had gone and done lunch. It was fun. But I ended up laying down and was out of it all over again! So maybe it was for the best that day.

But Hannah and I want to get together soon and hang out again, so that maybe by the time Eclipse IS out, we are completely comfy around each other. So yay for fun baby-laden days and friends!

P.S. Hannah and I actually getting together Friday so Mom took me out driving again tonight. I did better on the highway but that is kind of understandable, everyone is going the same way and the headlights are far away from you. When we were on the actual roads though my heart was going crazy, fast and backwards and such. We drove two times over to the Broad Street exit, which is where Hannah lives off of, so I would know how to get over to the area near where she lives. I am not liking driving. Oy. We also went to Target after, and picked up tree lights and a star and some other stuff. I hate driving. But I know, direction wise at least, I know how to get to Hannah's exit! Bad drivers suck.

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7 meaningful meanderings:

Yaya said...

So cute. I love those wraps!

stewbert said...

I wore my son in one of those wraps for months. It was wonderful. And the tying it on gets faster and easier, too.

Looks like a fun shower!

Michelle said...

I have one of those wraps and I love, love, LOVE it. :) Looks like it was a fun shower.

Sheri said...

How fun and cute. Looks like a fun baby shower. :)

Donna said...

Fun! Baby showers are the best!

Lee said...

I've always wanted to go to a baby shower.
I have to avoid pictures of babies. I want one really bad for absolutely no reason. So I have to avoid it to avoid doing something stupid.
And even contemplating doing something stupid.
Mmmm... babies.

Tori_z said...

Glad the baby shower went well, and that you and Hannah are getting on so well.

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