Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oooohhh, now you are In TROUBLE!!

That's right, you only have THREE days left to get things DONE! And you guys going out shopping on Christmas Eve day are CRAZY!! The stores were scary tonight and I was just picking up toilet paper and cups and such! You better get a move on and get that last minute shopping done NOW! I am DONE. Sure, I may have wrapping in my future...oh yuck, I hate wrapping...but otherwise my shopping days are DONE! My Mom is all bought for and she says she is 95% done for Dad too. Goodness yes! They are the hardest and wait the longest to say what they want!

I am nervous and excited to get together with Hannah Tuesday night. We are going to buy a craft to make, but first go to Tokyo Sushi for dinner. I will NOT be having sushi, Hannah eats cooked sushi though. Good for her. I wanted to like it, any kind...but I so did NOT! And then Wednesday with my Dad will be great fun. I have to make stuffed shells that night though so it is a full day. The family wants stuffed shells Christmas night and of course, they only like how I make it...yeah sure! Pssssh! Blackmailers, the lot of them.

Tonight I am really unhappy with both my sisters. Katie, we were kidding around and all of a sudden, she actually thought I would actually text her friend that she sucked. Her friend DOES suck, but I wouldn't do that, and she should know that about her own sister. I have held my tongue about how much I loathe some of her friends, but she actually decided, after laughing one minute, that I would. I am pissed, that kind of judgement just reminds me of that family member I allude to. Makes me feel sick. So I wrote her an angry email I hope she reads tonight, as I am NOT talking to her, I am too angry and suck at expressing myself in person most of the time.

I just want to concentrate on Christmas and getting together with a friend tomorrow and hoping she likes the Christmas gift I got her. And gets WHY I got it for her, like the symbolism behind it. Oy....life is too bloody hard, especially this time of year!

Here is a clips from The Bishop's Wife...the original!!

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LarryG said...

well - i bought mawmaw a brita at publix - she is impossible to buy for

Tori_z said...

Shouldn't be too bad in town on Christmas eve... No worse than market day, anyway. Now, if we were going to the city - where the popular shops like Toys'R'Us are - then I'd be worried!

Tori_z said...

Oh, and I hope you manage to sort things out with you and Katie.

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