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Best & Worst Movies of 2009

First, I started a DeviantArt page...not sure if I will keep up with it at this point, it seems confusing and I like SIMPLE. But for now, here it is:

Okay now back to the post. Sadly I did see someone else has a post about the best movies of 2009, but they only list a few and you KNOW, I have so much more of an opinion than a few movies. So I decided to go with it anyways, best and worst. In NO particular order. This just lets you know some of the gems you may have missed, and now, sadly, have to wait until they are all on DVD to see. And it lets you know the ones you should be HAPPY if you missed these travesties!!

Best Movies of 2009

  1. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ( it's Shia and Bumblee...need I say more?)
  2. Avatar ( it was AMAZING!)
  3. Star Trek ( the coolest movie ever!)
  4. 2012 ( a MUST SEE)
  5. Trick 'R Treat ( scariest movie I have experienced in YEARS)
  6. Taken ( Liam can kick...butt!)
  7. Up ( It was magical and Disney, 'nuff said)
  8. Race to Witch Mountain (such an amazing remake!)
  9. Fanboys (funniest surprise I found all year)
  10. The Proposal (Sandra and Ryan rock with their chemistry)
  11. Inkheart ( I love Brendan Frasier and this movie was pure magic and adventure!)
  12. The Blind Side (such an amazing story based in reality, beautifully portrayed)
  13. Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (coolest movie about "freaks"!!)
  14. Zombieland (this movie was hilarious and I am dying to buy it!)
  15. Fame (music and dancing were fabulous, a treat for your senses)
  16. The Stepfather ( What a great thriller, Penn Badgley was good!)
  17. Bride Wars (Anne and war...hilarious and then sweet!)
  18. Duplicity ( Such a fun struggle between Clive and Julia)
  19. Law Abiding Citizen (What? I like revenge apparently!)
  20. Julie & Julia (Meryl Streep was amazing and it made me hungry)
  21. Orphan ( This was spooktacular and had a killer twist)
  22. My Life in Ruins ( Another Nia Vardalos HIT!)
  23. New in Town ( Life in Minnesota...what a funny movie!)
Those were THE best of the best. There were lots of other good ones, but these are at the top of the list.

Worst Movies of 2009
  1. Watchmen ( if you saw it...well it sucked!)
  2. The Killing Room ( so depressing...I already knew humans could suck)
  3. The Grudge 3 ( If you saw the first 2, you get it)
  4. Surveillance ( it was just bad. I am ashamed Bill and Julia for you.)
  5. The Accidental Husband ( Seemed so promising, but wound up just missing the mark)
  6. Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li (It was just so lame people)
  7. Shorts ( Ditto)
  8. My Bloody Valentine 3D (Not even my beautiful Jensen could save this piece of crap)
  9. Next Day Air ( Foul and left a feeling of wasted time)
  10. Jennifer's Body ( I found it to be just too nasty to like)
  11. I Hate Valentine's Day ( This Nia Vardalos missed the mark)
  12. Halloween II ( You'd be better off with the cheesy 80's version)
  13. Friday the 13th ( Ditto)
  14. Funny People ( Adam Sandler's dying, & he doesn't change for the was sad)
  15. District 9 (Beautifully made on that low budget, but it is too depressing)
  16. Drag Me to Hell ( Makes no sense or ends stupid...gets listed here)
  17. Bruno ( It is this GUY! I didn't see it, I know it)
  18. Carriers ( Was depressing and made no sense and ended bad)
  19. Angels & Demons(such a disappointment. This was supposed to be better than the first!)
  20. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans ( I loved the love story, but it made no real sense)
  21. Dragonball Evolution ( BAD movie and it was very lame!)
And there were, naturally, other horrible movies in 2009, but these were at the op of the list too! Yuck!

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Tori_z said...

I've seen Ink Heart recently, and agree... It was fantastic!

Julie And Julia... Well, it was good, but I wouldn't include it in the "best" list, personally. Hey, it's your list though!

I still haven't seen Up yet, but I REALLY want to.

The Underworld movie... Well, it wasn't one of the best movies from this year, but I wouldn't have listed it as one of the worst. Like I said though... It's your list!

I don't have any opinions to share on the other movies on the lists. I'd kinda like to see a couple of them, but not as much as I'd like to see Up. But other than that I've not given them a thought, so can't really comment (especially without seeing them myself).

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