Friday, December 11, 2009

Plethora of Errands

Ugh so many places did I trek to today. And it was so bitterly cold, it made it just that much worse.

First of course, was the dreaded dentist. Oh man I hate that place. He numbed me up in two different places, so I got two long painful needle jabs. So not cool. Then he left to go see another patient. And the weirdest thing happened as I waited to go numb, I got horrible cramps. They just would not go away. And then he was back to work on the cavity and I am crying inside, praying I do not have to jump up and run to the bathroom, the pains were horrible. Luckily I made it through, even scheduled my next cavity appointment and used their bathroom. I was so worried, who wants to be sick in an offices only womens bathroom, a one staller too. But I was out in like 3 minutes and the cramps were subsiding. My left side of my face though, was numb for over 3 more hours. I felt like I was slurring when I said anything.

Next stop was the mall. I know, the mall at Christmas?!! Nooooo! Yeah I feel the same way, but I wanted to see if I could find these earrings I had bought myself like 13 years ago....yeah I know, that was a longshot. Because I had ended up giving them to my Mom and she loved them and just lost one of them recently. I had no luck but found 2 cute pairs at the place, Claire's. I even went and checked out The Icing, Claire's sister store and Hot Topic. Man I was so tempted to buy this New Moon shirt that had Edward and Bella and Jake and Alice, etc. It was a guys size and super thin, so I was like oooohhhh. But then I reminded myself, I did not like the movie version so I decided to wait and HOPE, Eclipse would be GREAT and Hot Topic would have another guys' shirt that is super thin....please!! So I left the mall soon after.

I crossed the road over to the Target in Meriden. My Mom also wants some new Christmas pins for Christmas, and I found some really cute ones and another pair of earrings she may like. No, none are like that pair she loved so much. Sad. I was also so bloody cold by that time, that I bought a pair of gloves there to wear on my errands. They are now going to live in my Tink jacket. So cold!! The 20's and it was only 6pm.

Then I drove back to our town and went to drop off Julie & Julia and The Carriers. I did not care for the latter, as the ending ruined it for me. And I love Chris Pine!!

Then I made my way over to Sally's Beauty Supplies. You see, my favorite bright red color I do most often? That color in those pics? They discontinued it. But websites were still selling them and I had ordered 3 boxes from Amazon. And it was like 2 weeks ago so I decided to track my order. Apparently they didn't feel the need to EMAIL ME and tell me they ruined the package in their warehouse and were out of stock. And I can't find it anywhere online! My beloved Feria R#75, Flaming Red!! *sob* So I went looking at Sally's, even though I have never done coloring on my own. It has always been buy the box and directions!! But I looked and they had a color by Feria very, very close to mine!! And it says all you need is the Feria developer and you mix them and it is the same 25 minute time frame. So I went and got the color (there are so many different brands of colors I never heard of but there are SO many reds, if I could get good at this...well let's just say YAY!) and the developer, even the moisturizing conditioner. I bought a mixing bowl and brush and latex-free gloves (the females in the family are allergic). I bought a measuring cup thing and a shampoo and conditioner the salesperson reccomended for red hair. I also got some great advice. They asked me if I used shampoo right after I rinse and I told them about the rinsing shampoo in the boxes. They said never to use shampoo, it strips a bunch of the color almost immediately. And to try and not shampoo for the first time until 24-48 hours later. So I am all geared up to try coloring my hair from...well, scratch. I just need to find a day when my Mom is free to help me. So yeah I also bought the 1 year $5 membership, I already got a $5 coupon for when I need to do it in a month, so it has already paid for itself! So yeah $47 was dropped there. But I will just need the color and developer next time. Don't you HATE it when they discontinue something you LOVE?!! (Hello Colonial hot dogs, Chicken Tonight, Weaver chcken croquettes, etc)

I also then went over to Walmart for the neccessary things, like soap and paper towels and such. I was way over budget but when you see Tide on SALE, you don't pass that up.I found some more pins (these just 2 $1 ones, and one purple sparkly snowflake!). I really was hoping to find the new Loreal 360 face wash, but couldn't find it at neither Target or Walmart. Why have it advertising in magazines, if it isn't actually available?!! Ugh that ticks me off! So I waited in the now Looooonnnggggg lines and was finally ready to go home. It was after 7:15 so I was so ready.

I got home and unpacked everything. Sandy was sleeping, or trying to again. She had to go back to her surgeon, the day after surgery getting back in a car and driving 45 minutes, yuck, because some tubes she has in were failing, so they took one out and rebandaged, etc. Now she doesn't have to go in tomorrow. Tonight we drugged her up with her pain meds and benadryl for her itches, plus a muscle relaxer. It is her neck that is keeping her awake. She was in a car accident like 7 years ago and has had neck pain since. She is in agony so we hope the relaxer works its' magic and she actually sleeps tonight. She did get up for dinner and we watched Bones, which was a good episode, and funny. And ended so nice. Sam was almost alseep as we got her up the stairs so cross your fingers. I admit, seeing her in this pain, is making me pause in my thinking of having any surgery done, like I have thought of having done. I do not like pain. So I am kind of scared now again of surgery.

Tomorrow is my doctor appointment where I will supposedly finally get some answers. I go from thinking he will tell me I am fine (which I am so not), to telling me I need like heart surgery. And I tell you this, if I did need heart surgery, I would so insist on being in a medical induced coma, because I can;t even handle the thought of that level of pain or being in a hospital for that long. Plus if I needed that kind of thing done, I would want my tummy tuck as a present at the same time, and be in a coma for that too. Yup, I did not like having surgery. If they won't put me in a coma, I ould rather forgo the surgery. And this is all in my head so far!! Oy, think how it will be when I have answers!!

Ahhh a plethora of things have I done today.

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Tori_z said...

Sounds like a very busy day!

Hope Sam's not in pain for too long, and that you get nice answers from the doctor rather than being told you have to have surgery or something.

Lee said...

I know this is kind of random to say, but isn't it slightly annoying that claires and icing are in the same mall?

stewbert said...

Sounds like a super busy day. Ack. I'd probably faint from fatigue. heh.

I had open-heart surgery 3-1/2 years ago to fix a congenital heart defect. if you get your answers and they do decide you need it, feel free to email me or contact me through my blog and I can answer questions and give suggestions for recovery. yes, there was pain, but I was home from the hospital 3 days later and am fine now.

LadyStyx said...

this so reminds me...I ~really~ need to get these roots addressed...

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