Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Highs of 2009

So time for the better things that happened or just are good from 2009. As well as products I found in 2009 that have helped make it a bearable year!

*My friendship with Hannah. It is going great. It is so nice having someone get what I am saying, even when I know it sounds weird, but she gets what I am trying to convey, so she (hey Hannah!) has been a highlight these past few months. Her New Moon Party rocked and we realized HEY, we can do this, we can talk to each other in person, so it has been great for both of us. My psychiatrist would be proud, though I could care a flying fig what he thinks. It has been good for me and I have fun and that is what counts.

*My One-Year Blogiversary! I have never been able to keep a record of my thoughts or feelings before, but I have been doing this for over a year now! And I have found some great bloggy friends through this experience, of which I am very grateful.

*My New Camera. I have had much enjoyment of it, it takes such great pictures, which I truly do enjoy. And it distracts me, which is always a plus. Distractions are wonderful things!

*When these 2 girls ruined a movie for me and my sister, I was so enraged, I actually went up to management and demanded free tickets, because we had complained more than once. I stood up for myself, which is not something I can normally do, so the act that I did and would take no crap from them, well it just makes me a little proud of myself.

*A wonderful birthday spent with my parents and sisters, the family that love me for me.

*5 Hour Energy Drink. Half a bottle of this has kept me awake for important things, and les important things, but the fact is, it works and is mostly natural! Hey, 4 bottles got me through the pain from the accident so I could GO to the New Moon party without worrying Percocet would put me to sleep! Love ya!!

*My Nintendo DS in red. Like I said, things that distract are wonderful, when your brain is your enemy, so I love this investment I made and the games that distract me. They helped distract me while we flew home from the MidWest too, which was hard to do as I was not feeling good. But this distracted me!!

*Maxie learning to dive into the pool in Florida. The videos I took made me smile whenever I watch them, so this was a great thing to happen in this year, a year full of unhappy memories. The Amazing Diving Doggie!!

*Finding out my Diabetes, without medication, is so impeccably good, it is like getting an A+ on a report card.

*My new LG flip phone. It makes texting with my sisters and Hannah so much easier. And knowing I have it with me in case of Diabetic or Psychiatric emergencies, makes me feel safer.

*My BFF who got divorced is moving back to the East Coast. Not to CT, but to Mass, so she will only be a few hours away and will be able to be near her family and those of us who love her and can support her.

*My Iomega eGo 160mb External Hard drive so I will hopefully never lose another photo ever again. A gift from my parents after losing all those pictures from 2008-mid 2009.

* I finally got that cavity fixed and in the next few days will be trying chewing harder things on both sides of my mouth!!

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6 meaningful meanderings:

Lee said...

I asked my mom if I could have a new camera.
She laughed at me.
Like a full on laugh.
So I'm still jealous of you.

And my mom just got a 1 terabyte external hard drive... that's 1000 GB.

Sheri said...

Great list of things for 2009! Hope next year is even better. :) ::hugs:: Oh, also very glad you got the cavity fixed. I know how painful it is!

Little Lovables said...

yay for the good things!!

LadyStyx said...

Great list hun. Im loving my DSi...distracting with the games but will also allow me to at least check my email on the road when we travel.

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo! These are good highs! I especially love the one where you stood up for yourself!

Tori_z said...

Glad to see a nice list like this to balance out the list of bad things a bit! :)

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