Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2nd Christmas day!

On Saturday, our "second day of Christmas", we wanted to go to the movies and have dinner out. So we went and saw SHERLOCK HOLMES!! Okay, so it was good, I give it a 7 out of 10. But they took a lot of the best parts for the trailer. So the best scenes WERE the trailer. I mean, I was entertained the whole time, not bored for a second, yet it wasn't as amazing as I had hoped. But I LOVE the chemistry between Downey Jr and Law, so I will be owning this movie for sure, like I said it was still good! What made me very happy, was it was SO made for a sequel. Holmes has NOT caught the bad guy Moriarty, who we never see the face of, and so he reopens the case just as the movie ends. SO a ...!! They HAVE to make at least ONE sequel now, just to have Holmes confront his enemy (THE enemy apparently from the books) and hopefully win McAdams permanently! I have done a little digging and at least 2 sites are saying that before it got out on Christmas, a sequel is already in the works, with maybe Brad Pitt playing Moriarty!! Wahoo!

Then we picked up Sandy and went to eat at Bertucci's! I wanted to try their bruschetta very much, so I agreed to get pizza if I could try it. I LOVE bruschetta when Jahoodie or Weezie make it, it tastes so yummy and fresh and just amazing! So I was hoping this would be great too. I have tried Olive Garden's and found it disgusting! So it arrived and it looked right! It was 5 pieces of the crisp warm bread with bruschetta on it. So I bit in, chewed and kind of "ehhhhhckkkkkkaaahhh". It was like, hot, as in spicy. I ate a whole piece and my Mom had one and so did my dad. Dad thought we were nuts, but Mom agreed. Then we dissected one to figure out if it was the tomatoes or the bread. Yeah, SO the tomatoes! Which weren't even good, so not fresh or tasty. Mom thinks they stewed the tomatoes in garlic for DAYS and served it, YUCK! It was awful!! So there is no where left to try for fresh yummy tasting bruschetta!!

I only had one piece of my Margherita pizza, which was excellent, but that dang bruschetta filled me, plus that one roll. So I had to have the rest boxed up. Dad had minestrone and caesar salad, and Mom and Sam split the Balsamic chicken. Katie was not there, she got together with friends from high school and then performed at Cafe Leb and then went to a diner with her friend Leeza and her son Adam who is a military "man". Sorry, when you have heard about someone since they were like 9, it is hard to think he is a MAN now. Anyway, so we ate and had good conversation with each other.

And then my Dad made me very happy. He stopped by Fashion Bug for me! When I recieved that soft huge cardigan sweater, I fell in LOVE! And I wore it ALL day. So I looked up Fashion Bug that night and saw it had one other color in the "Dip Dye Cardigan", grey to black! And it was on sale online! But I figured it might be on sale there too, IF they had it still. So Sam went in with me, pouring and all, as she had found it and showed it to my Mom in the first place, and found me the "cousin" one!! And it was the same sale, but no S+H charges!! Or taxes!! I had a twenty in my wallet and got a penny back! LOL! I was ecstatic! Two house sweaters that are so snuggly it is crazy! :)

When we got home, my Dad went to watch TV upstairs, but Mom, Sam and I watched an episode of Criminal Minds. Only 3 episodes left from last season. My Mom's new nightgown shrunk in the arms so it is not as comfy as she likes. I called down to Fashion Bug to ask if they had it in the next size up, as they had when I initially bought it but they only had miss sized left. And even online they were out. So Sam found a site though and found similar ones and we ordered her two. One for now, and one for her birthday which is in February. Not that she knows that! LOL! A head start is nice! Then I took a shower.

Then I got OCD! I realized while I always add movies I buy or get to MY list, I have failed to add what my parents and Kate (Sam has her own list) have gotten over the last year or so to the FAMILY movie list. So I went through ALL the movies tonight. I also did a little reorganizing and took ones I have seen so often or are okay but bot GREAT, and moved those to the closet bookcase and took some I haven't seen in awhile and are great out. Cleaned up a bit too. But we so need another bookcase for the closet. I have a few piles in there, because there wasn't enough room! And I got more for Christmas!!

Then I decided I wanted to type up my Christmasy post AND today's post, all tonight, and it has taken quite awhile!! So I will probably still not get to see Star Trek because it is already 3:41 am!! Oy!! Bloody OCD!

But Saturday was GREAT! And I was so much more relaxed because Christmas WAS over. So it was a really good day and I had so much fun!

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Tori_z said...

Glad you had such a great time. :)

And thanks for the movie review. I like Sherlock Holmes, and was wondering if that movie was worth seeing.

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