Saturday, December 19, 2009


As I said, the one regarding December 18th will be brief. It was my Grandpa's passing anniversary and it is always hard to deal with. I miss him so much, and as I stared at a pic of him holding me in his arms, I so wanted to be back in that moment, with his bear arms wrapped around me in a tight hug.

We went to see The Blind Side to keep our minds off of it. I loved the movie, it was so beautiful, it was a perfect choice. Never a boring moment, so your thoughts were busy the whole time. Then we went to Friendly's and my Mom and Dad told Grandpa stories. A lot of which took place in Lake George, NY. It was Grandpa and Grandma's most favorite place in the world.

When we got back I looked at pictures of him with my Dad for a bit. It felt right, as I worried that distracting myself was making less of his loss. My parents told me no, but I still worry. I am a worrier.

The day is over and I am glad. Though my Staurday plans may be ruined because of an approaching N'oreaster. If the snow can wait to really start until at least midnight, that would give me and Hannah 6 hours to hang and have fun. I could just really use the distraction. Please hold off until midnight or later snow, then I WANT you to come down ALL Sunday while we bake cookies!!

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