Saturday, December 26, 2009

And you thought YOUR Holiday Plans were a Bust?!

Let me share a little story about my two cousins, Kori and Yati, which was in the news. If you think your holiday/Christmas was bad, think again. My Cousins win that award hands down! Love you guys!! And they prefer Kori and Yati over Elizabeth and Jennifer CBS!! Even sadder? They missed their friend's wedding and doing the charity work at an outreach facility they were so excited about. Boycott Orbitz, they are NOT happy with the company, don't let the coverage fool you!

Sisters Miss Trip To Turkey Because Of Their Names

Sisters Were Told Their Names Are Too Long For Airline Computers

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Jennifer Yatiri Moravec-Flores (left) and her sister Elizabeth Kori Moravec-Flores were stuck at O'Hare for nearly three days and missed a trip to Turkey because their last names apparently were too long for airline computers responsible for their tickets.


Just when you think you've heard it all, along comes a brand new airline horror story.

A pair of women were stuck at O'Hare International Airport for nearly three days. They told CBS 2's Vince Gerasole that their names were apparently too long to confirm the reservation.

"We were cancelled off the flight because our last name is too long," said Jennifer Yatiri Moravec-Flores.

Her sister, Elizabeth Kori Moravec-Flores, said, "I was upset. I was delirious earlier. I was laughing, I was psychotic, I almost lost it.

Admittedly, their names are kind of long: at least 26 letters each, often using two lines on their passports and drivers licenses.

On Tuesday, they flew without problems from Salt Lake City to O'Hare, but when connecting to Turkish Airlines in Chicago, their confirmed reservation to Istanbul through on-line booker Orbitz was denied.

Paperwork for their reservations should have had the name "Moravec-Flores," but instead it read only "Moravec-F."

Orbitz verified that the airline told the sisters their last names were too long for its system.

"It does seem absurd that my name is too long. It's my name," Elizabeth said. "Other people have longer names than us."

In general, airlines require a special reservation for last names using more than 20 characters. But their last name is only 14 characters.

Even so, Orbitz said that Turkish Airlines flagged the sisters' reservation and even confirmed a special booking because of the length of their names. Orbitz claimed that step never made it to the airline's Chicago gate agents.

"It's terrible I just want to go home," Jennifer said.

After more than two days of negotiating with ticket agents, wandering the airport and waiting in stand-by lines for a possible flight, the surprisingly upbeat Moravec-Flores girls were set to fly home to Salt Lake City on Friday.

But their flight home was cancelled because of the weather.

That didn't seem to put a damper on their mood, though. "You have to be optimistic. It's the holidays," Jennifer said.

The sisters did catch a later flight and got home to Utah on Friday. They said Orbitz was very helpful.

Orbitz said they were paying for the trip from Chicago to Utah, and were working with Turkish Airlines on a refund for the tickets which were about $2,000 each.

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO COVERAGE DONE BY CBS. They were also interviewed by Univision and NBC.

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Tori_z said...

Cancelled because their last names are too long? *Shaking head* That's stupid! And they ended up stuck there for 3 days? OMG!
They so better get a refund after that!

Sheri said...

Wow! I hope they get a refund and some free tickets to boot!

stewbert said...

Whoa. That blows.

The Boob Nazi said...

How ridiculous! I've never heard of that! WTF.
Also, remind me never to hyphenate my last name because of this.

Lee said...

Wow, that's completely ridiculous.
I've seen names WAY longer than that.

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