Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Rest of Christmas Weekend

Sunday the 27th was a pretty good day. It was the 14th Anniversary since Pop, my Mom's father passed away, but sadly, I have less of a hard time on this day. It isn't that I don' miss him too, but Pop was a Brigadeer General, forced to retire after 41 years in the Army. He wasn't a grandfather that encouraged hugs or kisses...I have no idea how he even felt about me! Sadly, my Mom has said that herself. We loved him, but in a different way. He was very strict and could be very intimidating. Everything had it's PLACE in his house, so you better not mess anything up. We miss him, and I checked with my Mom during the day, but she feels he is in a better place, and is no doubt, commanding people about up in Heaven.

Anyway, we reheated Mom's soup and had it for dinner that night, with hot biscuits. I wanted to kill Katie because some "naturopath", one she doesn't even use anymore, said potatoes weren't good for her, so she scoops all the delectable potatoes out, and it takes forever! I had her put them back in the pot! There is only like a few bowls left now and I laid claim to the last of the soup. I am THE appreciator of my Mom's homemade soup, so I actually didn't get that much of a fight. Hmmpphh! Good!

Then we watched Four Christmases. Only my Dad and I had seen it. Katie was out with friends, and had just watched it with one of them. So Sam and Mom had yet to experience the nightmare that Reese and Vince go through that Christmas Day!! They liked it! They also found it odd that Jon Voight was the only SANE parent. We had a nice time, and even watched another episode of Criminal Minds before Mom went off to take a bath.

Katie got home and wanted to see a movie badly. So I went with her to the 11pm showing of It's Complicated. It wasn't crowded in OUR theater, which was good as it was a small one and we sat farthest back because it is still close to the screen! LOL! The parking lot was packed though, all these teeny-boppers and teens hanging out because they had no school the next day. Oy, I will be happy when they have to go back! Hehe! The movie...well I cannot DECIDED if I liked it or not! It was crazy! I mean, it was not boring, for even a second. But Alec Baldwin is so not the OLD Alec! Him stripping down and seeing that big belly is NOT attractive! Seeing his bare butt, is NOT a good thing, not in a LONG time!! I was telling Katie, Stephen does NOT need to be jealous of his brother Alec Anymore!! *shudders* It was definitely entertaining, but it was also such a bizarre little movie, it was like...no I have no idea how I felt about that!! LOL! But I had a good time! And I wasn't bored, how could I be with Steve Martin and Meryl Streep being stoned out of their gourds, and Alec stalking his ex even as he is trying to make a baby with his current wife, the pretty Lake Bell, who was unlikable as Agnes I must say. Their kids and John Krasinski who was the fiance of one of the kids were my faves! Their reactions to their parents was good. And John, the fiance, being the one to figure out they are having an affair was HILARIOUS!! So with this particular movie, you will have to decide on your own. Let me know what you think if you do/have seen it though. I still am undecided!

We got home and after a shower I watched 2 Lifetime movies. There were a few on this weekend that didn't sound boring so I taped 4. I watched the last 2, The Nanny's Secret and Intimate Stranger which was based on a real case. Psycho guy stalking this woman he BRIEFLY dated and he has a hiding place IN her house she knows nothing about and starts making her life a living hell. And the police do not believe her as they can find no proof he has ever been inside the house since they ended things...well she ended things. She seems like an idiot in the start as he seems like the perfect guy, wants to make her life happy, but she was obviously smarter than we give her credit for as he is NUTS! Plus it turns out he has been in her crawl space since BEFORE they began dating....gross!! So that was my weekend! LOL!

On Monday shopping for food for the week and for New Years' Eve happened and we watched The Proposal, which was even better the second time. Man, Ryan Reynolds is HOT! Lucky Scarlett Johannsen!! My Mom is returning to work Tuesday which is sad, we had her for 5 days and now it is back to the normal schedule. My Dad is returning too, but he is already planning a few days off in January, so he is lucky.

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The Boob Nazi said...

I think it was someone else's butt. But I might be hallucinating.

Tori_z said...

Well, I'm glad you had a good time... Even if you're not sure how you felt about the movie.

Most of the things that are "bad for you" are only really bad for you if you have them in large quantities. It's like fats... A certain amount of fat is necessary, but too much is bad for you. Same with salt and sugar. And, basically, anything else.

Lee said...

Sounds like a full time, but fun. :)

I would've kicked her ass for taking out the potatoes. Potatoes soak up the soup's flavor. You canNOT scoop them out of the soup.

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