Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Watch is ON

10 Days to go people. And it will BE Christmas. And I know none of you want to be out shopping on Christmas Eve day, so we are talking 8 shopping days left.

I have wrapped my Gifts from the Heart for each of my family. Alas, since Sandy now reads my Blog, I cannot tell you what I did for each person until after Christmas Eve. They are now sitting under the yet to be decorated tree, waiting to be opened. My Secret Santa is my Mom. I bought "Christmas in Connecticut" and "Trapped In Paradise" on DVD through Amazon. The website says they made it out of Hartford tonight and are supposedly going to get here tomorrow. I also bought my Mom enough Nestle De Met's Turtles with pecans to fill a large box. 48 individually wrapped pieces. She is obsessed with them lately. So 2 movies she really enjoys and 48 turtles, I hope she likes my gift!! She is so hard to shop for. As soon as the movies arrive, I will wrap my Secret Santa gift and put that under the tree too. Then all I have to worry about is shopping for my Mom and Dad, to help the other. Yeah that sounded confusing, but I think you get what I mean.

My Mom and I also went and talked to a Sally's lady, and she said the color was too dark, even though the swatch shows the right color, but I digress. She suggested a few different colors. She also suggested one for people with dark hair, but only if the lighter one didn't work out. But my Mom thinks I should go for the dark hair one next month, because it looks like the color on my now empty box of R75. So hopefully when I re-color next month, I will be happy the first time around.

I am still feeling the same. Like I told my Mom and my friend, I feel like that light that is at the end of the tunnel, as far away as it might be, is gone. Has been extinguished. So I feel...lost. It is such a hard feeling to feel...did that make sense? It's hard to explain. Harder to feel. Even harder while I am by myself. Which is all night. It is just so much easier to dwell on the darkness when there is no one around to distract you.

But I so want to have a nice Holiday season. Mom and I bought the ingredients for more cookies, including Hershey Kiss cookies and Magic Cookie bars. Mmm. I am looking forward to that. All our sugar cookies are gone...yeah we were very bad. Especially as the icing dried. It was like, oh just one as I walk by. Urgh! We will be making more though. Katie and I decided even if it was just the two of us making them, another batch would be made. We only have them at Christmas after all. Are you guys baking Christmas cookies and such yet? What kind? And if you are Jewish, what kind of things are you baking up at your house? Or for Kwanza, etc? I like to hear all about yummy foods.

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Yaya said...

Oh gosh, I'm so behind on Christmas shopping this year. The house selling took over and now I've got to play catch up!

Sheri said...

I'm only buying a couple presents this year b/c of money issues. We aren't decorating much either. We are having a little (when I say little I mean prob 20 people) lol over for a meal and presents and stuff on Sunday... and then on Xmas day we're going over to my Aunt's house.

The Boob Nazi said...

How is it only 10 days until Christmas?!?!?

Lee said...

HOLY CRAP, ONLY 10 DAYS?!?!?!?!?

Izzy said...

lol I mean the same shade or close to as Victoria from New Moon XD
and yes yes I am going to be in the Hillywood Show's New Moon Parody I was one of the lucky 30 that got picked it was so much fun doing the filming over this past weekend i was totally in awe with everything they did and it was just wow ^_^

Tori_z said...

I'm done with Christmas shopping, but I still plan on going up town Christmas eve. More for the Christmasy atmosphere than anything though. :)

I'm baking cookies with my brother after we get back from town Christmas eve. And my Nan is making mince pies the day before. Actually, we're not really doing as much as usual.

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