Monday, December 14, 2009

Hair Trauma...Code Red

Like I mentioned, things just aren't going my way, especially lately. Today we decided to do my hair. So I got my Beauty Salon self on and brought out the color and developer and my new mixing bowl and brush, etc. I mixed everything up and, first, DANG it stank. They don't sell those little essence oil things boxes contain. Second, I worried if the stuff was even mixed but I did it until it was totally mixed. My Mom added the goop and I sat in the chair for 25 minutes, getting all excited, that I figured out a color and how to get it on my head. It was like, so THERE Feria, for discontinuing my color! When my time was up I went and took a shower, and it took forever for the water to run clear. But I already knew it wasn't right. Scrubbing your head like that you pull strands out, and normally when I do it flaming red, the strands are thing orange red color. These were not. They were dark. Like, nothing happened or barely did dark.

I went downstairs already knowing I had failed. All I wanted was my HAIR to look right, be the one thing about me that would seem Merry. Nope. Katie dried it and they were all, it is a lovely color, so pretty. But I HATED it. I was auburn. Uhm I did not spend $47 on a hair color I have done with a BOX. That color I can go and buy and it is all good, the color I wanted was flaming red and this was not anywhere near my flaming red. This is the color swatch of the color I picked up at Sally's Beauty Supplies:

LOOKS like my flaming red color right?!!! Well this is not anything like what I got. THIS was what I got, actual pic too:

Do these two look anything alike to you?!! If you say yes, you need your eyes checked, and you need to take a class in color, like paint colors. NOT anything alike. And I used 2 bottles of color, just like I always have to, my hair is so thick. And I measured perfectly, so why the heck did I not get the color further up?! So I was enraged...but mostly I just wanted to cry. No one understood, I wanted bright merry red, not a dull auburn, I had the auburn ALL Fall! I needed this one thing. I knew I was going down to Sally's tomorrow to get something that would give me what I wanted, but it bothered me so much that I couldn't fix it tonight. I felt defeated. Then my Mom was like let me go look at the haircolors upstairs. We have various shades I have used or almost used over the last few years up there. But I was like, there is NO way I have Feria R75 up there, I would have noticed. My Mom found 2 boxes of R75. The last R75 I will ever see. She also knew I would do it myself that night if I had to, because I am an Obsessive Compulsive, so this was not going to leave my brain alone.

So we went through the process again, though since it was the box, my Mom just had to pour and smoosh in. I went and showered...again...I am so itchy from dry skin. I was worried because it looked brighter, but not the bright I am used to. My Mom says I am crazy. That my perception is skewed because I am down about everything. But it is close I THINK to my Merry red. The auburn might have made it a little darker is what I think. It is usually faded when I do my hair, and I had just colored it n hour and a half ago. No, I did not care if my hair fell out. I have done this before though people, so I knew my hair could handle being colored twice. So here is me now. I even plastered on a fake smile to look merrier. How'd I do? Do I LOOK Merry now? Look at my profile pic, admit it, it is a tad less flaming.

My Mom and I are stopping by Sally's tomorrow still, to show the clerk what I WANT my hair to look like next time, and have them tell us what we need from them to achieve it. Because my last seller from Amazon is all out, so R75 is indeed dead now. Oy. I told you nothing is going good or remotely easy lately.

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Can you tell this one is a fake smile? I actually have the sorta dimple showing, so I think it looks genuine.

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Sarah said...

That's what stinks about box color, you really never know what you're going to get. Body chemistry has alot to do with the way it turns out unfortunately. I am broke so I had to stoop to box color just yesterday. I actually like the way it turned out but it's just dark brown so how could that possibly go wrong? I miss my black chunks though :(

CaJoh said...

I think that Red is one of those colors that many people don't get how to reproduce naturally. So often people want "Cherry Red" hair and not something that looks like real hair. Those that try to reproduce the real hair color wind up not pleasing those who want hair color that stands out.

I hear that many people bleach their hair first so that the color is more manageable (but you probably already know that).

Good luck with finding a color you like.

Amander said...

Hair color is different on everyone. Glad you have the color you like again!

TeeTee said...

i love your hair color!
i decided yesterday that if i were to dye my hair, it would be red like yours!

Lee said...

I'm in need of new red dye. I haven't found one that I like yet.
Mine is a nasty dark auburn now. I want it to be vibrant. I feel your pain.
I re-dyed mine right after I did it the first time, too.

Lee said...

And like CaJoh said, some people bleach their hair.
And I've seen the aftermath...
woman walked into the salon with BRIGHT ORANGE HAIR.
Red faded, and that's what was left.

Little Lovables said...

I am a stylist and there is a lot of chemistry behind hair coloring. The reason it was different was b/c you used a different color over the one you had prior, which messes with the underlying pigment of your hair.

It's a long chemical explanation. Anyways, hopefully, they can help you find a good replacement color next time.

Using a red color shampoo will help keep the vibrance as well when it starts to fade.

As for the itching head, throw a couple of packets of sweet in low in the color. It has an ingredient that acts as a nerve agent that helps numb the scalp while coloring on the scalp. (so long as you don't get bad allergic reactions with the itching!)

LadyStyx said...

When we moved here from Texas, I started having a salon do my hair. A luxury, for sure, but since I only went in every 4th month or so, it was worth it to pamper myself. Then...the stylist I trusted left and I refuse to have anyone else touch my locks... so I've gone back to box. I found that the Nutrieese chocolate caramel is pretty close to what the stylist had picked out. I really hate doing it myself though. Im so spoiled...

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