Friday, December 4, 2009

Miss Swan at the DMV

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mama-face said...

Oh Wendy!!

I just got all caught up on the accident and the party and the baby shower. And your hilarious Friday Fragments!

It's understandable that driving will freak you out for awhile. I'm so sorry about all of that mess; reading about it was a good reminder about how quickly things can change. Thank goodness you guys were all basically okay; very painful but alive!

Loved reading about your growing friendship. I just adore friends, and a real kindred spirit is the best. What a party for New Moon. LOL. Tons of creativity. um, I stood in line with my sister and my daughters and we watched the movie together-nothing exciting. Until Jacob took his shirt off...

You are such a cute girl! I'm thinking of you and hope you feel completely better soon!! :)

Take Care!!!! xoxo

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