Thursday, December 3, 2009

Friday Fragments

I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to get a new pillow tonight. I have been getting such bad headaches and I have had this crick in my neck, so painful for days. But I only get the Laura Ashley pillows. Those you can get a king for 20 bucks. Otherwise the king pillows range in price from $50 to $150!! What the crap are THOSE pillows made of?!!


I am watching The Food Network right now. Did you know it wasn't until 1935 that Lifesavers added cherry flavored?!! That is the best one!! Oooh swiss cheese is next....I hate swiss cheese but it is still interesting.


YES!! Ace of Cakes is going to replay tonight's episodes at 1 am!!! I was SO upset to miss a jolly Duff...what? He is a cutie pie.


I am going over to my friend Hannah's tommorrow. I am really nervous about driving by myself for the first time. I am still not okay driving with someone beside me, so this should be interesting. I am also not used to actually getting to "hang out" with friends, so I am nervous, my shyness is kicking in, which I hope we can knock down. Ugh, I hate being shy!


All of the shows are disappearing!! Supernatural won't be back until January 21st!! And they ended it with me HATING the show!! What the crap Eric Kripke?!! Why couldn't we get a nice, happy-like Christmas treat, huh?!! I loathe you currently, and I never *sob* thought I could even think that!!


We are currently on the lookout for a new pizza place to get takeout from. We really do not like Kava's, or JD's, etc. So we need to find some more near places we can test pizzas and find a fave. We had a fave, but then the owner died and his widow let the pizza go to CRAP, crap people seriously. She decided to try to do things cheaper and let the teenagers run the place and the pizza tasted horrible, whereas it was once, SO deliciously yummy! needed in Southington!!


I am soooo bored tonight. And nothing of interest to note. Oh, the bruises are finally fading. Which is nice. But the rental car has to be returned by Sunday but unless we get the check from the insurance company by tommorrow, we can't buy a new car...which we only can pay half of....thanks stupid 17 year old for being a jerk! I REALLY needed something else to be afraid of...oh not!! Sorry, I am taking my frustrations out on you bloggers. It just makes me so angry, his claims of not seeing us when our headlights were there, and him trying to beat a yellow light, in a vehicle THAT just kills me! Well it almost did! Thank you seatbelts and airbags that I am allergic to!! Dad says they must be thanked. Okay I am done for tonight.


This song is dedicated to my friend Hannah. We just need to keep breathing Hann!

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3 meaningful meanderings:

Tori_z said...

Hang in there! Things will get better!

Lee said...

I wanted one of their cakes for my birthday, but it's a $1000 minimum deposit for one of their cakes.

You're watching Unwrapped, aren't you? hahaha.

LadyStyx said...

I hear ya on the Supernatural show. Dang. Went into heartfailure when they said it'd be so damned long until the next new eppy!!!

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